How To Start A Freelance Writing Business In Cameroon

Are you really on your way to become a freelance writer? In my previous post, I talked about the freelance writing business idea in Cameroon. I discussed clearly that freelance writing could be a full-time job and how Cameroon is ready and has already started needing the services of freelance content writers.

Today, I will explain more on how you can get started as a freelance writing business in Cameroon. You can be a freelance content writer anywhere in the world. You just need to follow the steps that I will be sharing with you below.

I have been into freelance writing for more than 3 years now, even though most of it was part-time. But gradually, I realised that I could take it full-time and I am in the process of dedicatinng most of my time into freelance content writing. It’s a great way for you to earn extra cash and why not make a living by fully starting your own freelance writing business.

Many people think that they need to get formal training to write. If someone has told you that, then I beg to differ. Anyone can become a freelance writer so long as you can read or write. You don’t even need a degree to become one.

I started my freelance writing on Upwork. I learned a lot from there, but later on had to quit. I didn’t quit because the job wasn’t there, but because I realized their pay wasn’t good and I couldn’t make much from there. Many clients go to such freelance job boards because they want to get bulk articles that are cheap. I realized this wasn’t for me if I really wanted to start a freelance writing business.

I continued writing with some of the clients I got through Upwork while looking for others by applying directly to them. All these while, I was also carrying out research about starting a freelance writing business and perfecting my skills on my own blogs. I started by carrying out a research on freelance writing business.

1. Know what a freelance writing business is all about

The first step to start something is to learn more about that thing. So for you to be a freelance writer, you need to carry out research about freelance writing. Checkout other freelance writers and read their blogs.

I learned how to write a blog post on Upwork. Before then, I had a poetry blog long ago which I had posted some of my poems. I did that out of curiosity though. My experience in writing blog posts came from freelance writing jobs that I got. I got great feedback from most of my clients. Even those who were not satisfied with my amateur writing experience, guided me to come out with a great work which they rated high.

I had to start carrying out research on how to write digital content as a freelance writer. I frequented Copyblogger where I learned a lot. You can also do so by checking on other websites for more information about freelance writing business.

2. Be organized

The fact that you are going towards being your own boss doesn’t mean you don’t have to manage your transactions, time and so on. You need to keep track of the various projects you carry out, client and billing information, pitches, content schedule, and dates.

If you have a system put in place, it would ease your work in achieving your goals and growing your freelance writing business. Having dates and appointments kept will make your customers give you the highest recommendations. Writers are usually hired because of their track records on meeting deadlines.

3. Practice to write more and more

Your job is to write and there is no way you can do it better than knowing how to write. The best way to learn how to write is by reading and writing more. Knowing how to present your work to your audience and how to write good sentences to send your message across is very necessary.

The more you read, especially your niche (in the case that you have a specific niche), you will improve not only your vocabulary but your knowledge in the field. That said, you should make sure you read blogs in your niche or try to read anything when your are not busy.

There is no better way of practicing how to write than starting your own blog. This will help you to improve your writing skills especially if you are still starting. It will not only help you improve your skills as a freelance content writer, but will also serve as a means to market your freelance writing business and build your portfolio.

4. Build a portfolio

The above point mentions using your personal blog to build your portfolio. Most people who hire freelance writers want to see their work. You will need to show them samples of your published works. If you are still starting, it will be difficult for you, except you already have a blog of your own.

You can also create samples of a few articles and upload on Google Doc as well as you can publish on LinkedIn or Medium. You can also checkout on blogs that accept guests as writers. You will need to have the links to show to clients who ask to proof your writing is good enough to be taken into consideration.

5. Learn how to pitch

If you have been planning to start a freelance writing business, then you need to prepare yourself well ahead of time to land new clients. If you don’t have yet, then it’s time you start searching actively.

Where to go and how to do it should be what is in your mind. As I earlier said, I started with Upwork. There are many other freelance writing sites that offer content writing jobs. You can try Problogger, or freelance marketing sites like Freelancer and Upwork.

The job boards and freelance marketing sites update their lists daily so you can get freelance writing jobs.

Once you find a job that is of interest to you, then it’s time for you to apply. For this to be done perfectly well, you will need to proof your credibility and that is done by showing them previous works or guest posts. If you’ve got testimonials from previous clients, then you are good.

There are many other things, but these are the most essential to start with. The best advise I will give you if you want to engage into freelance writing business is for you to continuously learn. Continue to build your skills by writing more and reading more than ever before.

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