Business Idea: Become A Freelance Writer In Cameroon

In a previous post, I wrote about 8 businesses that you can start with little or no capital in Cameroon. I know many entrepreneurs in Cameroon have one very big problem – funding. However, this problem is common to entrepreneurs the world over. It is not Cameroon alone. In this post, I am going to share with you ideas on how to start a freelance writer business with little or no capital. The best thing about online business is that it can be started at the comfort of your home. Internet connection is a must have.

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Freelance writer

I know some may not believe that there are people out there who make a decent living writing freelance. This should not be a surprise because majority of those that use the Internet to carry out their business demand for online freelance writers.

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Given the rate at which content marketing, social media and blogging is growing in Cameroon, it is pretty clear that the demand for good writers will increase.

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Have you ever asked yourself where the billions of content you find online come from? These are works from people with a good part of it done by freelance content writers.

Ad CampaignCompanies know that the best way to connect with majority of online users is by publishing the right web content. They use content marketing as a way to carry out promotion and engage their customers. However, they rarely employ people full-time to take care of content not because they can’t pay, but because most content writers are freelance and won’t want to be tied down.

The downside of freelance writing in Cameroon and all over is that no matter how fast or good you are, you only have 24 hours a day. You need to manage that 24 hours to make the best out of it.

The good thing is that the market is wide and very flexible. You need to have the right skill sets before you delve into it. This can be done by evaluating your skills, be critical and very honest with yourself.

Freelance content writing is struggling to make a place in Cameroon. The few content writers you find are mostly working for clients outside the country – from Europe, Australia, United Kingdom and United States of America.

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If you have to make money in content writing, you need to think big. There is the possibility of organizing other writers to work under a content writing company of your own.

Just like any other business, to start a writing business is very easy, but making it work full-time is challenging. If you plan on making writing your primary source of income, then this post and others will be of great help to you. I will share my experience and give tips on becoming a freelance writer. You can also checkout this post on How To Start A Freelance Writing Business In Cameroon.

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If this post on freelance writing was helpful to you, then know it may also be helpful to someone you know. Sharing is caring! Help someone by sharing. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or get in touch with us if you think freelance writing is what you may actually need.

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