How to Create and Register an Association in Cameroon

Creating and registering an association in Cameroon involves several steps and adherence to specific legal requirements. This guide will walk you through the process and highlight how OpenHub Consulting can assist you at each stage.

Step 1: Define the Purpose and Structure of the Association

  • Purpose: Clearly define the mission, vision, and objectives of your association. This will guide all your activities and attract potential members.
  • Structure: Determine the organizational structure, including roles and responsibilities of the founding members, executive board, and any committees.

Step 2: Draft the Association’s Statutes

  • Statutes: These are the governing documents that outline the rules and regulations of your association. They should include:
    • Name of the association
    • Purpose and objectives
    • Membership criteria
    • Governance structure
    • Meeting procedures
    • Financial management
    • Amendment procedures
    • Dissolution procedures
  • Assistance: OpenHub Consulting can help you draft comprehensive and legally compliant statutes.

Step 3: Hold a Constitutive General Assembly

  • Meeting: Organize a meeting with the founding members to adopt the statutes and elect the executive board.
  • Minutes: Record the minutes of this meeting, as they will be required for registration.

Step 4: Compile the Registration Dossier

The registration dossier must include:

  • A copy of the association’s statutes signed by all founding members
  • Minutes of the constitutive general assembly
  • A list of the executive board members with their personal details (names, addresses, occupations)
  • A declaration of the association’s registered office
  • Identification documents of the founding members

Step 5: Submit the Registration Dossier

  • Submission: Submit the completed dossier to the relevant authority, usually the Prefecture or Sub-prefecture in the area where the association is based.
  • Receipt: Obtain a receipt confirming the submission of your dossier.

Step 6: Obtain the Registration Certificate

  • Approval: Once the authorities review and approve your dossier, they will issue a registration certificate.
  • Publication: Your association may also be required to publish a notice of its creation in an official gazette or local newspaper.

Step 7: Open a Bank Account and Start Operations

  • Bank Account: Open a bank account in the name of the association to manage its finances.
  • Operations: Begin your activities in accordance with the statutes and objectives of the association.

How OpenHub Consulting Can Help

  • Drafting Statutes: We provide expert assistance in drafting statutes that comply with Cameroonian laws and reflect your association’s purpose.
  • Documentation: Our team helps compile and review all necessary documents to ensure your registration dossier is complete and accurate.
  • Administrative Support: OpenHub Consulting provides administrative support, from organizing the constitutive general assembly to submitting the registration dossier.

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For more information on how OpenHub Consulting can assist you in creating and registering your association, visit our website at

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