How Angela Built a Successful Business from Home

How Angela E. Built a Multimillion Franc Business Online from Her Living Room

When Angela first came to us as a stay-at-home mom with a promising business idea, I have to admit I was skeptical it could become what it is today. But through grit and our mentorship program, she proved us all wrong.

Angela had noticed that many pregnant women in major cities in Cameroon, like Douala and Yaounde struggled to find everything they needed during labor and delivery.

Rushed shopping trips or last-minute worries were all too common. Her lightbulb moment? Creating pre-packaged “birthing bags” (Layette in French) with all the core essentials, ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Click to Read more About Birthing Bags or “Layette”

For those unfamiliar with French terms, a “layette” refers to a set of essential baby care items, similar to what Carine sells in her Pampachou birthing bags. A layette traditionally includes diapers, onesies, hats, blankets and otherbasics needed for a newborn. By preparing these convenient kits, Carine solved the hassle many expectant mothers in Yaounde faced when trying to hurriedly shop during the stress of labor. Her savvy solution filled a need that directly benefited new parents in their celebration of life’s beautiful moments.

With our guidance over three intensive months, we helped Angela refine her offering, tackle pricing models, set up efficient fulfillment and more.

Using reliable home internet access, she was able to operate completely virtually – taking orders, maintaining social profiles and managing her growing customer base all from the comfort of her living room.

Fast forward to today – Angela’s company Pampachou (click the link to see products) is netting over 2 million CFA monthly thanks to strong e-commerce processes and remote order management. This number climbs higher every quarter.

Angela now oversees a small team to keep up with demand. She describes the transformation her business has brought to both her family and local community.

Just this afternoon, Angela saw an advert on my WhatsApp Business status of MTN Home NoLimit Internet Bundles. She just signed up for MTN NoLimit bundle through us to fuel future growth!

Are you a sit-at-home mom, ready to replace your idle time with the flexibility and fulfillment of entrepreneurship? Now’s your chance to gain the insider knowledge that helped take Angela from dreamer to business owner.

Could your idea have similar potential if given the right support system? Our proven mentorship program has already spawned numerous six-figure online ventures just like Angela’s.

Here are a few key services available to get you started:

  • Unlimited home internet bundles (minimum 4mbps) that you can use hassle-free for just a few months payment upfront + extras like a modem, bonus data, calls & more
  • Customized three-month online business mentorship to validate and scale your idea
  • One-on-one mentorship with our veteran consultants

Don’t miss your chance to develop long-term success using your skills, wherever home may be.

Take the first step today. Your future is within reach! Don’t delay like Angela once did – let us empower you to build sustainable success from anywhere.

P.S Angela contributed on this blog during her period of internship on digital marketing (that was after the mentorship). Below are some of her blog posts on this platform:

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