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December 17, 2020
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Customs Clearing Services in Cameroon – Trends Logistic

customs clearing services

Customs clearing and shipping services are important aspects of the logistics operations. These services involve the handling, packing and unpacking of a shipment while following the various customs regulations and conditions imposed by the government as well as the requirements of the shipper.

There are many companies that provide these services and they can be customized to meet the specific needs of the client. However, Trends Logistic, with its extensive network of agents, have been providing this service for more than 15 years in Cameroon. Here are some of the main services offered by Trends Logistic, the number customs clearing and transportation company.

Customs Clearing Services

The first service detail by Trends Logistic is customs clearing services. Their customs clearing services include the physical examination of the cargo shipment, its documentation and the shipping documents. The examination includes checking for prohibited items, which need to be avoided. This examination also involves tests for strength, cleanliness, weight, size and any other relevant factors which might affect the safe transport of the cargo.

Documentation Services

The second service detail is the documentation. The papers needed for the import and export to and from the country must be properly filled and supported with supporting documents. Trends Logistic provide you with the duty rate, preparation of bills of entry, assessment, obtain customs out of charge, process the customs clearance, customs examination and arrange the discharge and delivery to your destination.

Storage Services

The third service detail is related to the storage of the goods in the warehouse. There are many companies, which provide storage services for the customers based in Cameroon. Trends Logistic coordinates the movement of your merchandise in an effective and efficient process. They ensure the efficient flow and storage of your merchandise from the point of origin to the point of delivery.

As a logistics company, Trends Logistic offers a proper supply chain that include the transportation, shipping, receiving, storage and management of all logistics functions. According to the General Manager, Lamlen Austin, “Our strength is in furnishing information, warehousing, inventory, transportation, packaging, security and material handling”.

Transportation Services

The fourth service detail is related to the transportation of the freight by sea, air and land. The documentation accompanying the shipment of freight is known as the bill of lading. We have complete knowledge of the import laws of the Cameroon and the duty required on the goods transported. Trends Logistic offer to its clients the overall service from after sea transport to land transportation to other landlocked countries like Chad and Central Africa Republic that depend on the Port of Douala and Kribi.

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Their inland transportation services according to your needs

  • Full cargoes sent through out Central African Region, especially Chad, Central African Republic and Cameroon, we we have our offices
  • Groupage and fragmented cargoes transportation
  • Express service with light vehicles depending on the cargo size and needs of our clients. Our services included both holidays and weekends.

Inventory Management

Trends Logistic contracts with some importers and the exporters to manage their inventories and deliver them at the specified destination. They are experts in their work and have he complete knowledge of the shipment of the items.

They contract with the exporters to manage their inventories and deliver them at the specified destination. The customer needs to contact their customs clearing department at the time of making the order to make sure that the agent handling it knows what he is doing.

Insurance Documentation

Insuring your cargo represents an essential value-added service to complete our service cycle. This service detail is related to the insurance documentation needed while transporting cargo. Before shipment Trends Logistic will ask for the insurance documents. These documents are important and will be used to cover all the risks involved.

Once the shipment reaches its destination, Trends Logistic will send a customs clearing report to the client. After receiving the report the client will be able to view the goods and if he finds any error in the documentation he can claim it from the importer or exporter.

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