Product Inspection Services in China

Product inspection services are important in the importing and exporting of various types of goods. These services help the exporter evaluate and determine the suitability of a specific product for the intended destination.

Product inspection not only checks the quality of an imported product but also ensures that the product will comply with all import/export requirements of the government. Product inspection services are used in various stages of the manufacturing process of an imported product, right from the initial design development to the packing and delivery. Product inspection is essential for the manufacturers, exporters and importers.

OpenHub Digital Product Inspection Services – China

China is a great destination for import for businesses in Cameroon. That is why OpenHub Digital has decided, together with its partners in China to ensure that those who import from China should not only have their goods delivered on time, but as per your quality standards. Together with our partners, we monitor the production quality and speed.

Pre-production inspection

The pre-production inspection refers to the stage prior to the packaging of the manufactured goods. The manufacturer prepares raw material for pre-production inspection, before they start the actual production process.

In order to limit risks of non-conformities as well as production delays, our partners verifies your supplier’s readiness for production. We ensure all materials are put in place for production to start. They also inspect the condition of the materials and make sure the production machinery and facilities are ready.

Production inspection

We give you real-time production status and make sure the product is compliant with your product specifications. We ensure the supplier passes all safety tests and functions and is going to deliver on time. Our product inspection services are carried out by qualified personnel who have experience in the field.

Usually, a product inspection company or laboratory carries out the inspection services at the manufacturer’s site. Our partners in China will visit the site, give a brief description of the product and collect data and samples. The entire process is normally completed within one day. If the inspection is of long duration then it may be arranged on a daily basis.

We ensure the inspection report provides a detailed description of all findings regarding the conformity of the product to the international standards and the evaluation of the raw material. It may also contain recommendations as regards the correction of errors and gaps.

Pre-shipment inspection

At this level, our inspection team takes the last chance to ensure the goods comply with the quality standards and specifications before shipment. This helps to guarantee customer satisfaction. They make sure the order quantity is ready for shipment after all functional and safety tests have been run.

During the pre-shipment inspection, the loading supervision team ascertains that no loaders or trucks interfere with the process of loading. We also ensure that there are no hazards in the surroundings. We make sure that no raw materials fall outside the factory premises. Our inspection team inspects the factory floor and take photographs of everything. This team even makes videos of the inspection procedures. Finally, the inspectors report to the loading supervisor and factory management after completing the inspection.

Pre-loading inspection

The inspection report from the loading supervision team includes recommendations as regards the correction of any flaw in the products after they reach the customer. It also includes recommendations as regards the preparation of the merchandise for shipment. The final random inspection involves a review of our quality control department at the warehouse. This team comprises representatives from the loading and pick up departments. They carry out random tests of the products after they are packed.

The inspection team guarantees all quantities and conditions have been met to avoid incorrect quantity or damage during transportation and delivery to the client. They ensure packaging, shipping marks and labeling conform with the demands of the client and goods are properly packed to avoid damage.

Benefits of our product inspection services

There are numerous benefits of using our Product inspection services. For instance, our Product inspection team helps in product testing and ensures compliance with international quality standards. This helps to avoid any loss of business by avoiding the acceptance of goods below standards.

Moreover, this service helps the seller to identify any flaws in the manufacturing process and use the information to improve their production process and thereby increase the quality of your product and profit of your business.

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