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October 23, 2018
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October 25, 2018
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Tips on How to Start a Business in Cameroon

Start a business in Cameroon

Do you want to start a business in Cameroon?

To start a business in Cameroon has never been easy as it is now. It’s still a dream to some that a business can be created within 72 hours in Cameroon. Those who created companies about 10 to 15 years ago went through a nightmare that couldn’t be expressed here. However, the changes have been drastic and many more is still to come.

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To start a business in Cameroon, entrepreneurs need to learn about the country’s tax system, business law, and legal systems. We have been doing our best to share some of these information to the entire public through this medium.

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It’s necessary to know that the business law used in Cameroon is harmonized under the OHADA treaty. The OHADA treaty is used by some countries (mostly French speaking countries) in the West and Central Africa region. You should not be surprised that in certain cases, customary laws and traditional practices may come in play when carrying out business deals. It is necessary for you to take note of such as you want to start a business in Cameroon.

This blog has put in place many things that you will need to know before, during and after you have started a business in Cameroon.

=>Important documents

If you planning to start a business in Cameroon, then the document archive for Cameroon entrepreneurs will be your first stop. In this, you will find many documents and communiques that may be of help to anybody who wants to start a business in Cameroon.

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=>Business terrain

I said above that starting a business in Cameroon is no longer difficult. This post about what it takes to do business in Cameroon will be very valuable to you. It gives you details on what ever doubts you had in mind while you thought of starting a business in Cameroon.

=>Personal income & Corporate tax

Paying income tax is an obligation to any individual or business that is carrying out any income generating activity within the territorial boundaries of the Republic of Cameroon. As a business owner, you will need to know more about Cameroon personal income and corporate taxation. It is a must-know in order not to fall in the hands of the tax authorities and pay huge fines.

=> Why will you want to invest in Cameroon?

Are you still in doubts to start a business in Cameroon? If yes, then this post on why need to invest in Cameroon will be of great help. It help clear your doubts and spur you to take a great stride in your entrepreneurial journey.

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Let me end here for today. Check out this post and others for updates on how to start a business in Cameroon. I will be posting a part two of this anytime soon. However, if you need more information, do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Make sure you share with your friends and relatives who may be in need of this very important tips. Meanwhile you can leave your comments below or subscribe to our newsletter for more updates. We will catchup soon.

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Kermann Lobga
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