Taxable Income from Bonds for Personal Income Tax in Cameroon

In our previous post, we discussed taxable income from stocks and shares. Today, we’ll focus on another category—income from bonds—as outlined in the Cameroonian tax code.

What Is Taxable Income from Bonds?

According to Section 40 of the tax code, several types of income from bonds are considered taxable. This includes:

  1. Interest: Regular interest payments earned from bonds.
  2. Back Payments: Any accumulated payments made when a bond is redeemed or sold.
  3. Other Proceeds: Includes any additional profits or returns derived from bonds.
  4. Prize Bonds and Redemption Premiums: Specific types of income from bonds such as prize winnings or redemption premiums paid to bondholders.

Examples of Taxable Income from Bonds

  • Government Bonds: If you hold government bonds issued by councils or public establishments in Cameroon and receive interest payments, these payments are taxable.
  • Corporate Bonds: Interest from bonds issued by financial, industrial, commercial, or civil enterprises of Cameroonian nationality also falls under taxable income.
  • Prize Bonds: If you hold prize bonds and win a prize or receive a redemption premium, these proceeds are subject to personal income tax.

Why Is This Income Taxable?

The tax code mandates that all income from bonds, as defined above, is subject to personal income tax. In some cases, this income may also be liable to company tax, depending on the nature of the entity holding the bonds.

Calculating Taxable Income from Bonds

To calculate your taxable income from bonds:

  1. Add Up All Income: Sum up all interest, back payments, and other proceeds from your bonds for the fiscal year.
  2. Determine Applicable Taxes: Identify whether this income is subject to personal income tax only or also liable to company tax if applicable.
  3. Consult with a Professional: For accurate assessment and compliance, it’s advisable to consult a tax professional.

Example Calculation

Let’s say you receive CFAF 1,000,000 in interest from government bonds and CFAF 500,000 from prize bonds in a year. Your total taxable income from bonds would be CFAF 1,500,000. This amount is subject to personal income tax, and you should report it accordingly.

Key Points to Remember

  • Income from various types of bonds—including government and corporate bonds—is taxable.
  • Prize bonds and redemption premiums are also subject to personal income tax.
  • Ensure all bond-related income is reported accurately to avoid penalties.


This content is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as tax advice. For personalized assistance, consult a tax professional.

Next Steps

In our next post, we will explore taxable income from financial assets, deposits, and securities. Stay tuned to understand how different types of financial incomes are assessed for tax purposes!

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