corporate titles

Corporate titles for unregistered businesses

The best corporate titles for a business that has not been legally registered

Corporate Title
Personal vs Business Expenses

What Should I Expense? Personal vs Business Expenses

“Is it possible for me to deduct personal expenses through my business expenses?” Many small business owners have asked me this question and my answer to them is YES. However, there are certain things that they need to keep in mind. Business expense is something that is reasonable, ordinary and necessary expense incurred when carrying…

sole proprietorship or limited company

Which will you choose – sole proprietorship or limited company?

Brief: Will you go for a sole proprietorship or limited liability company? Gladys has been worried so I needed to answer her question. Someone out there may have been asking this same question. Gladys asked: “Why do business owners in Cameroon prefer sole proprietorship to limited liability companies?” This question is very necessary when you…

Setting up a business in Cameroon

Are You Setting up a Business in Cameroon?

Are you setting up a business in Cameroon or plan to do so in the nearest future? I will be sharing with you the most common types of business structures you can find in Cameroon and how the tax administration treats them. In a previous post, I shared with you the accounting obligations of a…

What are the Accounting Obligations of a Trader in Cameroon

Before we delve into the accounting obligations of a trader, you need to know who a trader is in the context of Cameroon. A trader is an institution or someone whose regular occupation is carrying out transactions. It maybe a commercial company, corporate body or someone. You can checkout a previous post about who a…

Sell Your Business in Cameroon

7 Things You Need to Know When Selling Your Business in Cameroon

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tax return

March 15 is Approaching – Training Workshop on 2019 Finance Law & Tax Return Form Filling

The deadline for filing in your tax return for income earned last financial year (2018) in Cameroon is March 15, 2019. I am talking about what is commonly called “DSF” or Déclarations Statistiques et Fiscale (in French). Article 18 (1) of the General Tax Code of Cameroon states that “Concerning the assessment of the present…