Redefining Supply Chain and Procurement: Introducing Afrik Engineering

Afrique Consulting Services & Engineering Ltd – offering a one-of-a-kind experience in Supply Chain and Procurement in the oil & gas sector within the West and Central Africa Region.

When we talk of Supply Chain and Procurement in the Oil & Gas Sector we take into consideration the following:

  • Upstream companies that need drilling services and drilling equipment to its clients in the oil and gas sector;
  • Midstream companies that are in need of steel, pipe and valve makers;
  • Downstream companies need industrial control systems and precision control supplies to operate petrochemical complexes and refineries;
  • The need for safety and construction specialists, project management specialists and engineers.

Actors in the oil and gas sectors are in demand for supply chain and procurement contractors to seamlessly and efficiently deliver these services to them. Such contractors or third-party providers need to make sure they give the desired results, meet the budget specifications and most of all, create a safe working environment for its operations and employees.

Afrik Engineering

Afrique Consulting Services & Engineering Ltd (Afrik Engineering) is a business incorporated in Cameroon that helps companies in the oil and gas sector to be efficient and competitive. During these uncertain times, with the volatile nature of oil prices, oil and gas companies need consistent, dynamic and meaningful help in reducing operating costs as well as reduce capital expenditure. Afrik Engineering is out to collaborate with such companies using their expertise to help them cope with the complex nature of the present operating environment.

They have made their mark in the oil and gas supply chain in Cameroon by reviewing their current supply networks in order to meet up with the following demands of their customers:

  • Ensure there is transparency and compliance to trade regulations and local requirements;
  • Streamline and improve business process in order to ease the way they conduct business;
  • Have a collaborative relationship with their vendors;
  • Put in place tools and techniques in order to effectively negotiate and renegotiate contracts and;
  • Reassess their current procurement strategies

Consulting & design services

Afrik Engineering does consulting and design services from feasibility studies to operation for oil and gas companies in the Central and West Africa sub-regions. This helps the companies to protect their investments throughout the entire project cycle.

More than supply chain and procurement

Afrik Engineering also offers the following services order than supply chain and procurement in the oil and gas sector:

Engineering an fabrication to support various offshore activities and highly skilled personnel

Construction services for offshore and land ensuring they meet up with your demand for conformity, strength and integrity

General maintenance and property management in Cameroon

Assistance in import and export requirements and custom clearing services

Consultancy services to help its customers ensure compliance, reduce cost, manage safety and save time

Afrique Consulting Services & Engineering Ltd is the leading consulting firm in the oil and gas industry in Cameroon and the entire Central Africa Region. They keep innovating and developing valuable partnerships with manufacturers to ensure they bring in the latest technological services to their clients.

Afrique Consulting Services & Engineering Ltd is a verified company based in Cameroon. They have their operating office in Bonamoussadi, Douala Cameroon and Finance Junction, Bamenda. You can get in touch with them for an innovative, seamless and smarter way of working.

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