5 Reliable Vessel Chartering Companies in Cameroon

Are you looking for a company offering vessel chartering services in Cameroon? After a thorough research, I have come out with a list of 5 vessel chartering companies in Cameroon that you can count on. The first on my list is is Agape Construction and Inter-Maritime Services, ACIM (Agape Ships).

1. Vessel Chartering Companies in Cameroon

Agape Construction and Inter-Maritime Services

They are engaged in various types of vessel chartering services in Cameroon with strong and close relationship with first class ship owners and charterers. They have an advantage in that they have been in the industry for a very long time and with their experience, master the highest shipping standards and local rules and regulations of all the ports they serve within the Gulf of Guinea.

You can also get in touch with their dedicated team chartering brokers 24 hours a day to deal with any problem that arises between parties from the beginning of a project through its completion.

Agape Ships undertakes the execution of vessel chartering deals on behalf of its clients. They also provide advisory services, market insights, facilitate negotiations, fixing operations in advance, freight rates and charter terms for both vessel owners and charterers.

They arrange for their clients various sizes of vessels for efficient and effective transportation. They provide vessel chartering services for routes covered by commercial liners within the Gulf of Guinea.

They also offer the following services:

Vessel Chartering Services, Marine & Civil Engineering, Personnel Sourcing & Outsourcing, Heavy Equipment Repairs, Offshore Support, Offshore Equipment, Maritime Consultancy, Industrial Welding Services.

2. ALMA Shipping

ALMA Shipping is an independent maritime service provider providing vessel charter services in the West African region. They have tugboats, multicats, barges, crew and survey vessels with a highly qualified crew. Part of their fleet is permanently positioned in the Gulf of Guinea.

3. Tahbah Marine Services (TMS)

Tahbah Marine Services help their clients acquire boats for security survey and crew change for oil and gas companies. They have built a good relationship with vessel owners and charterers operating in various ports in Cameroon to make boats available even at very short notice. For their clients’ security, they have put in place a system whereby they man their vessels with military personnel and security officers.

4. GESPROS Group

Even though GESPROS Group is not into full-time vessel chartering in Cameroon, they have an experience team to manage port authorities and customs administration for both vessel owners, operators and charterers. They also offer crew change services, clearance, stevedoring and on-board vessel services.

5. Alpha Marine Shipping Services Ltd

Alpha Marine Shipping Services Ltd offers ship owners, managers and charterers a range of services to support their global shipping needs, offshore and crew change services.

They negotiate vessels for the transportation of crew, bulk and materials for drilling rigs and barges. They also offer ship chandler services, port agency, offshore maintenance and supply of manpower in the energy sector.

Are you offering vessel chartering services in Cameroon or within the Gulf of Guinea? Let’s know so that we can verify and add you in our list of vessel chartering companies in Cameroon and the Gulf of Guinea.

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