Quality Control Management – What Every Entrepreneur Needs

To achieve success in your product quality, you need to put in place a good quality control management system.

One of the first thing that an entrepreneur should have in mind when starting a business is quality. Yes, because customers usually want to go in for quality even if they don’t have the money. When we talk of quality, we think of excellence. Excellence not only in making sales, but also in the quality of the product or service you are offering.

To achieve this, you need to put in place a good quality control management system. This entails all the tasks and activities that are needed to maintain your desired level of excellence for your product or service. To better do this, you need to implement a quality planning, assurance, improvement and control strategy. In short, experts in this field call it Total Quality Management (TQM).

This may seem too much for an entrepreneur who is still wanting to find a place in the market in Cameroon. Hiring a quality control manager wont be an easy task. Some of us entrepreneurs are not even able to take our basic three meals a day, not to talk of hiring a quality control manager for our business.

However, we need to put the best of our product or service out there in the market. We have to outshine our competitors who are also working really hard to beat competition. The worse is when we have to compete with bigger, well established firms. But then you have to also control the quality of your products or services before you can beat your competitors.

What is Quality Control Management?

Quality management is all about controlling the quality of your products (for manufacturing businesses) to discover the defects. Companies usually develop a process which helps them discover such defects. Those that are able and can afford, will employ a quality control manager. This person oversees the entire process and tells if the product should be allowed or not for release.

This is usually done when a product is still to be released. This is the best time for entrepreneurs who are still to put out their products in the market to make sure what they want to sell to consumers meet the expectations of the consumer. Many products fail in the market because this test is not done. Quality control is not just something you can do by yourself. There are experts who have been trained to handle such tasks.

Who doesn’t want quality?

Every entrepreneur will want their products to sell. If not why are they producing it in the first place? One of the goal of every entrepreneur in Cameroon is to minimize issues that may lead to defects in their products. If they can follow the process well, they can reduce losses that would be brought about by these defects.

Even products that have already been in the market could be checked for defects. If you discover your product is not doing well in the market, I will advise you look for an expert quality control manager to check the process of production. You may not be able to afford employing one, but you can get the services of an expert quality control management consultant.

Soulmates Bizness Empire (Ess.BE)

This is not something you can easily find in Cameroon. Such consultants are rare and may not be easily seen around. However, there is good news because one of the first of its kind is now available and based in Douala. Soulmates Biznes Empire, known for short as Ess.BE has come in to fill this gap.

Entrepreneurs who may not be able to hire the services of a quality control manager may now outsource the quality management of their products by using the expert services of Ess.BE. Ess.BE is a quality control/management consultancy partnership which will be opening its doors to the public in Douala on May 25, 2019.

Ess.BE is out to identify, grow and accompany new businesses as well as established ones in the implementation of basic quality control systems. They use a synergistic approach in setting up a quality management system for your business.

As I earlier mentioned, Ess.BE is a partnership, they also carry out other activities. They offer other services like Travel Aid, Music Business, Promotion and Talent Management. They are also a pre-certification body for persons, management systems and products on a wide range of international standards. They also provide training, examination audit and certification services within Cameroon. Their expertise is widespread from Food Security, IT, Business Continuity, Service Management and many others.

Improve your performance and product quality

Every business wants to get an improvement in their performance with visible changes seen in the products or services they provide. This can end up with visible results like getting an international certification seal – ISO 9001, ISO 2200, ISO 14000 and so on.

Even before opening its doors to the public, Ess.BE have a lot in their portfolio. After its creation, Ess.BE has already had 12 leads with 6 conversions. Can you imagine one of the six clients who were all satisfied with their services is now a shareholder in the business?

What will your business be expecting from quality control?

If quality control is the process that helps companies to assure the quality of the products or services that they put in the market, then it is sure your business will be needing such. An expert quality control consultant will make sure that they yield the quality of your products or services. They will examine, test and control every process to ensure that your product quality is defined as dependable, safe as well affordable.

I will be publishing an interview I did with the Founder and Managing Director of Ess.BE, Tengu Solange. She is not only a quality control management expert but a social entrepreneur and co-founder / community manager of Kids Hall of Talents Foundation. If you can remember, I wrote an article on one of the products from Kids Hall of Talents Foundation, Nanga Kelly Ashley. You can read more about Nanga, the 12-year old designer from Cameroon.

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