Polygamy Counseling Business – A Good Business Idea for Africa

Brief: This is a business that could be unique only to Africa, but cuts across the whole world. Africa will be great again only if it starts thinking of creating businesses that reflect its socio-cultural environment.

Those who practice polygamy have certain issues and concerns that are unique only to them. This means they need specific counselors that are ethically obliged to explore, understand and address these unique needs.

Most African countries accept both polygamous and monogamous marriage practices. In spite of the fact that polygamy is culturally and legally accepted in almost all of sub-Saharan Africa, the pressure and social stigma that is placed on people who practice it calls for attention.

It is something that will not stop today or may never even stop. The fact that it is legally acceptable calls for the need of counselors that are specific only to them. The ones that are actually carrying out such activities are mostly trained for monogamy and may not be able to sort out the problems of those in polygamous marriage without a little bias.

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Openhub: Outsource your mobile app developmentWe all know the problems polygamous homes face, especially on the women and children. They suffer daily and need assistance. Their issues and concerns should be of great interest in the field of mental health.

Not much is known about counseling programs that are dedicated to polygamy. We mostly hear of it when it is being condemned. We don’t think about the mental health situation of those that are already in it. We all know the social and economic problems that may come up when the the husband, is no more. How can we sort out the problems?

Experts are needed in such a field and I bet you, it wont be a business that will fail any entrepreneur who wants to fully engage in it.

Why Start a Polygamy Counseling Business?

Marriage can have a beautiful experience when you engage in it with the right person or persons. Some may have had a good experience in it and others have nothing to write home about. The latter is the feeling most actors in a polygamous home have. Maybe they would have avoided the marriage at all; maybe they didn’t manage the affairs of what they entered into well; maybe if there had been someone to counsel them, they won’t have had any problems at all.

What we all know is that, marriage, whether polygamy or monogamy has it’s ups and downs. There are usually disagreements. But how we manage them is what matters. We have experts out there who offer their services as marriage counselors. Most often, they are just for one – monogamy.

Africa, especially sub-Sahara Africa allows for polygamy as well as monogamy. In spite the high number of polygamous homes we can find, it is difficult to find someone who is specialized only in polygamy. Marriage counselors we can find are specialized in cases of monogamy and may treat polygamy with a bias mind.

You can carve out a niche for yourself in the marriage counseling business by offering your services just to those in polygamous marriage. Why do you think this is important?

First of all, my idea about starting a business is not because xyz is doing well in it. You should start a business because you are passionate about it. But then, this is a social problem that affects many and we all know there are very few (if at all there are any) who dedicate their business just to offer counseling for those in polygamous marriages.

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An Overview of the Industry

Marriage counseling falls under the same industry as that of social workers and psychologists. From studies, it has shown that marriages are having a lot of problems today, with that of polygamous homes in the rise. This reason, we can see, is why many people are running away from polygamy. Anyhow, what we are talking here is not about those who are running but those who have been affected by it. Putting aside our present economic conditions, private counseling services are highly needed in Africa.

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The problems that come out from polygamous homes is more than what we see in monogamy, hence the need for private counselors. If you have to go into this, you need to get some key attributes in order to succeed: Passion, enthusiasm about the specific niche to be handled, patience and constant positivity. You have to be proactive and have good planning and organizational skills.

Polygamy Counseling Business

Those in need of marriage counseling are not restricted to a specific age or gender. This should be same with those in polygamy. However, those who may actually need the services would be those already married, those who have reached the ripe age of getting married and even children from homes that practice polygamy. It cuts across all geographic location and so your services could be needed everywhere in Africa.

The marriage counseling business has a lot of other services you can offer to your clients. For you to compete with others, you need to be very versatile. Make sure you explore the other niches you can find in this industry and choose what you can use to stand the competition.

Continue to check on our blog for more interesting businesses you can start in Africa. Don’t hesitate to leave your comments below.

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