Is It Marriage or Marriage Business

At times my thoughts becomes so weird. Marriage is business! I am wondering if it is true what my thoughts is saying. This means I am into marriage business? Anyhow, before you go ahead reading, don’t blame me, but blame my thoughts for thinking and my fingers for typing. It wasn’t me (the fear of madam is the beginning of wisdom).

Anyhow, let’s listen to what my thoughts was thinking about. It was thinking about business contracts, how it is done, why it is done and then the litany of words that are usually written down. Then it thought of the fact that contracts can be verbal as well…then it thought of marriage – the litany of words that are said during this procedure which ends up with the signing, the witnesses (even the ones who would have wanted to be in your place).

Agree or disagree with my thoughts, ‘Marriage is business’. Just continue to read, and I bet you will end up by agreeing with me. First of all,

What is marriage?

Wikipedia says this about marriage: “Marriage, also called matrimony or wedlock, is a socially or ritually recognized union or legal contract between spouses that establishes rights and obligations between them, between them and their children, and between them and their in-laws, as well as society in general.”

In Cameroon, the marriage business can be done by two or more persons. That is, one man can contract or decide to do this business with one or more women. The other way round is clando (clandestine) and you can be taken to the court of law for breach of contract.

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The following will help us expatiate on my thoughts.

Business Merger

When two or more persons have something that can be used for their benefit, then they are in business. Merger occurs when two or more businesses decide to come together to carry out their activities using a single business name.

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In the business of marriage, two or more distinct people decide to come together and manage marital affairs together as one. In my country and in most parts of Africa, the take-over name of the business partner who buys (bride-price) over the product (no offense, just trying to explain the business in it) from those who (in-laws) developed it is usually used. At times, they may decide to keep their names but during public occasions, one name is used, which is that of the take-over business. Over intelligence will kill my thoughts oh! Just continue…

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Joint account

When businesses merge, two things can happen with their accounts – they could decided to keep their individual accounts or have a joint account. In addition to the former, they can decide to create a buffer account rather than merging their accounts.

In the marriage business, couples are usually asked if they will go in for individual or joint bank accounts during their civil wedding. When businesses decide to merge, this question of bank accounts come to play. Mergers can decide during their signing to go for separate or joint accounts. Let’s continue…

Business is All About Interests

We go into business to achieve goals, to make profit, and to grow the business. The interest of the entrepreneur comes first [even though we are polite enough to say that of the customer comes first]. There is always a reason for businesses coming together in a merger. Some come in because they want to benefit from the branding of the other, others join mergers because they want to conquer the market, others because they want to grow their businesses.

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This also happens in marriage. People have different goals in marriage that are similar to businesses. Some go into marriage for the sake of branding (things like gold-digging come to mine, a successful [wo]man, a politician, etc), some go in because they want to conquer the market (Les Panthères beware) and others go in for growth (I can remember this maternity song ‘family planning, e don do wonders’).

Children are the Fruits of the Parents’ Labor

Children are considered the fruit of marriage – yes, the fruit of our parents most often night-earned labor (I got you, dirty mind). Child upbringing, inheritance, education, and others. Ask your father or mother why they gave birth to you. The answers will vary:

  • to continue the family line,
  • marriage is procreation (you are the fruit of this),
  • the love of having children (sure? I thought it was sex go wrong)
  • someone to inherit their wealth when they die (debts also, don’t forget)
  • someone to take care of them when they are old, and so on

As they grow up, you think of education, inheritance, who to take care of you financially when you are old, etc. So from my point of view, you will see that having children is not only for love, but for economic reasons as well. All involves the business money, money, money.

Marriage Business Proper

The wedding industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. You can’t talk about weddings without mentioning wedding dresses, cakes, dresses, decorations, catering, animation, wedding accessories (rings, chains, watches, shoes, etc) and many other things. These involves a lot of money and business. There are companies that have been set-up just to cater for some of these needs.

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The main objective of marriage is love as we all know, though in reality there are many objectives that some ‘marriage business partners’ want to achieve. Some go in for financial reasons, to have children, to catch up with time, to proof how tough they are to a rival, for love and many others. Anyhow, what I will say is that before going into this business, you need to make your terms clear and make sure you are honest with yourself. This merger is meant to be for life because breaking up has a lot of repercussions.

Have my thoughts been convincing enough? If you disagree or agree with me, don’t hesitate to leave your comments below.

4 thoughts on “Is It Marriage or Marriage Business

  1. Wow the way these your thoughts are thinking erhn.
    I agree somehow when it comes to safeguarding of interests but not in monetary terms. Some things are too deep to be equated to $$$, reason why a person will prefer to loose all the dollars they possess just to have that feeling.

    1. True and deep. You know my thought is just too head-strong. All the time it is equating things only to business. What it is trying to say here is that we should know the type of contracts we go into. You know some of these feelings are more for the $$$. Distorted objective while leaving behind the real objective, love.

  2. It may sound plausible especially with those who look at everything in cold blooded terms. But I beg to digress.
    All the same, interesting thought patterns especially as many continue to redefine marriage as a contractual union.

    1. I feel you very well. Anyhow, I am just trying to compare two things, marriage and business, but weighing more on the business part of it. What about just getting married for love and forgetting all the other ‘businesses’ in it as in the old. Everything was just symbolic, but today, it has turned out to be a whole industry on it’s own. Check the last paragraph and you will understand my point of view. Also the ‘interests’ many people have before engaging in marriage. It’s no longer love, but additional interests nowadays.

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