Parking Tax: Regulations, Rates, Payment, and Consequences in Cameroon

In Cameroon, the government has implemented a parking tax system to regulate and control parking in towns and built-up areas where municipalities have designated parking lots or developed traffic plans. 

This tax is applicable to vehicles used for urban transportation of persons exclusively. It is important for individuals and businesses to understand the regulations, rates, payment process, and consequences associated with the parking tax to ensure compliance with the law.

Regulations and Applicability

The parking tax, as outlined in Section C 94 of the General Tax Code of Cameroon, applies to vehicles used for urban transportation of persons in designated areas with parking lots or traffic plans. 

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This tax is specifically imposed by the municipality, and compliance is essential to avoid penalties and vehicle impoundment.


The quarterly maximum rates for the parking tax are set according to the type of vehicle:

– Motor-taxis: 3,000 CFAF

– Taxis: 10,000 CFAF

– Buses: 15,000 CFAF

Payment Process

According to Section C 96, the parking tax must be paid within fifteen days from the beginning of each quarter at the council of residence of the carrier. 

The residence is determined based on the business license or discharge tax. It is crucial to make timely payments to avoid penalties and potential vehicle impoundment.

Upon payment, a ticket will be issued to the vehicle owner or operator, similar to a vehicle tax sticker. This ticket serves as proof of payment and should be kept in the vehicle at all times.

Consequences of Non-Compliance

Failure to present the parking tax ticket or an authorized document in lieu of the ticket, as recorded in a report, can result in the impounding of the vehicle.

Even if the principal tax amount has been paid, the vehicle may still be impounded for non-compliance. It is vital to ensure that the parking tax ticket is readily available to present to authorities when required.

Counterfeiting or engaging in fraudulent sale of parking tax tickets is strictly prohibited and is punishable under the provisions of the penal code. 

It is essential to comply with the regulations and obtain tax tickets through legitimate channels to avoid legal consequences.

Compliance with the parking tax regulations is crucial for individuals and businesses operating urban transportation services in Cameroon. 

By understanding the regulations, rates, payment process, and consequences associated with the parking tax, vehicle owners and operators can ensure compliance, avoid fines, and maintain a smooth operation within the designated areas.

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