Mutual investment funds

Mutual investment funds, also known as mutual funds or simply funds, are collective investment vehicles that pool money from multiple investors with a common investment objective. Mutual funds are prevalent worldwide and offer individuals and institutional investors access to professionally managed diversified portfolios.

Here are some key features of mutual funds:

1. Investment Objective: Mutual funds have a specific investment objective, which can vary depending on the fund’s strategy. Common objectives include capital appreciation, income generation, preservation of capital, or a combination of these. The fund’s investment objective is outlined in its prospectus.

2. Portfolio Management: Mutual funds are managed by professional fund managers or management companies. These managers make investment decisions on behalf of the fund, selecting the securities that align with the fund’s investment objective. The investment process may involve research, analysis, and monitoring of the securities held in the portfolio.

3. Unit Creation and Redemption: Mutual funds issue and redeem units based on investor demand. Investors can buy units from the fund at the current net asset value (NAV) per unit. Similarly, they can sell their units back to the fund at the NAV. The fund’s NAV is calculated periodically, usually daily, based on the value of the underlying securities in the portfolio.

4. Diversification and Risk Management: Mutual funds provide diversification by investing in a broad range of securities. This diversification helps spread the investment risk and reduces the impact of any single investment on the overall portfolio. Risk management practices are implemented to mitigate risks and protect investors’ interests.

5. Regulatory Oversight: Mutual funds are subject to regulatory oversight by the relevant authorities in the jurisdiction where they operate. Regulations focus on investor protection, disclosure requirements, investment restrictions, and fund management practices. Regulatory oversight helps ensure transparency, fairness, and professionalism in the mutual fund industry.

Mutual investment funds are exempted from paying company tax in Cameroon.

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