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Music Video Alert: Jovi Releases 'Ouleu' Video

Ouleu video

Jovi has dropped the video of one of his songs, ‘Ouleu’ from his latest hot-selling album, ‘God Don Kam’. The Ouleu video comes 3 months after the release of his album.

Four months ago, he came out with a 7-song EP, ‘God Di Kam‘, a prelude to his God Don Come album. The sound engineer, producer, rapper and songwriter sings in French, English, Pidgin English ‘Mboko’ style.

The rapper is known for his frequency on Twitter where he lashes down on anything that touches him. He had a recent ‘war’ with one of his former signee of his music label, New Bell Music, Pascal. This led to Pascal recording a ‘diss song’ on his ‘Devil Nodi Sleep track’, ‘Devil Nodi Really Sleep’.

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This brought about a war amongst Jovi fans, the ‘MbokoGang’. It should be noted that most of Pascal’s fans are hardcore MbokoGang members.

Listen and download Devil Nodi Really Sleep by Pascal

Watch Jovi’s Devil Nodi Sleep music Video!

Note that all the songs in Jovi’s latest album, just like most of his songs were recorded, mixed and mastered at the New Bell Music Studios in Yaounde. All the songs were also written by Jovi, whose birth name is Ndukong Godlove. The album in its entirety was produced, mixed and mastered by Le Monstre (Jovi).

Watch and listen to Jovi’s latest music video, ‘Ouleu’ from the ‘God Don Kam’ album directed by Ndukong, produced by Le Monstre.

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You can stream ‘God Don Kam’ on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, New Bell Music & Deezer.

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