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November 21, 2019
Camer Agricom
Workshop: La création de petites et moyennes entreprises au Cameroun de A à Z
November 28, 2019

Workshop: Starting a Small or Medium-Sized Business in Cameroon

Camer Agricom

Brief: Workshop on Starting a Small or Medium-Sized Business in Cameroon organised by Camer Agricom.

Have you ever wanted to understand why you need to incorporate or register your business? I know many of you have businesses running out there but are not sure of the benefits you would have in registering them legally.

I have been invited by Camer Agricom, to be part of a workshop to guide entrepreneurs and would be entrepreneurs on the benefits of incorporating or registering their business.

You will also get to know some of the administrative and fiscal formalities that needs to be done before or after legally registering and operating your business.

Where & when

The theme of the workshop is Starting a Small or Medium-Sized Business in Cameroon. It will take place at their base, E9 Centre Commercial Saligny located between the two Mahima Shopping Centres at Bonamoussadi, Douala on December 7 – 8, 2019.

Other topics by other participants include:

  • Leadership development
  • Project development
  • Financing


There will be a XAF15,000 charge to secure a space. You will also have a taste of made-in-Cameroon products as well as free coaching and guidance from some successful agri-preneurs.

To register, get in touch with the organizers on:

Call: 670 913 731 / 696 949 465

WhatsApp: 696 949 465

About Camer Agricom

Agriculture is what is keeping the African economies alive. It is the heartbeat of Africa. This is because the continent has abundant natural resources. However, this sector is underutilized, reason why Africa, especially sub-Sahara Africa cannot feed itself.

According to statistics from FAO, about 80% of agricultural land in sub-Sahara Africa is owned by small-scale farmers who produce for subsistence and not commercial.

Camer Agricom is a team of young agri-preneurs who transform locally farmed products like cereals, spices, teas and so on. They sell their products within and without the CEMAC Region. They are also into vegetables, fruits and animal farming.

This group of entrepreneurs have as aim to transform Cameroon’s agriculture by helping small scale farmers increase productivity so that they can produce enough food for consumption as well as sales within the national, regional and global markets.

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