Newsletter: Business Can Be Fun

Did you know business can be fun at times? Amuse yourself with this as you start this new week!

Great business ideas have come up during fun-filled moments. Creativity is usually fun and so at times we just need to laugh out loud to relieve our minds. Business should be fun and non-boring.

The last time I shared with those who want to start businesses in Cameroon on how to do business in Cameroon like a Cameroonian. It may be funny, but they are some things you will experience while doing business in Cameroon.

Last week, I put together some daring and scary things that won’t scare Cameroonians. It’s very interesting and will help those who are coming to do business in Cameroon for the first time.

Every country in the world has some bad habits which are common amongst its citizens. The citizens may continue with such habits until they start seeing it as something normal. In the eyes of foreign nationals, such habits can be fun or surprising.

It can also be a source of inspiration for new business ideas. If you are passionate about your business and want to come up with new ideas, add some little fun. Fun has become one strategy used by successful businesses.

The number one premise in business is that it need not be boring or dull. It ought to be fun. If it’s not fun, you’re wasting your life.

Tom J. Peters

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Have a great week ahead!

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