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A Beginner's Guide to Start an Import Business in Cameroon
September 10, 2018
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September 12, 2018

A Beginner's Guide to Start an Export Business in Cameroon

export Business

To start an export business in Cameroon is not very different from carrying out import activities. This is the continuation of the series on the procedure of carrying out an import or export business in Cameroon. If you have been planning to export from Cameroon, then you will have follow the three stages below:

  • You need to register your business in the Trade and Commerce Register

  • You need to obtain a professional merchant (trader) card

  • You need to register as an importer and obtain an importer’s card

1. Registration in the Trade and Commerce Register

Just like importers, you will have to first of all register your business. You need a legal business to carry on the activities of an exporter in Cameroon. Company registration is done at the court of first instance of the location or the place you want to carry out your business activities. Your business could be a sole-proprietorship or a limited liability company.

To know more about how to get registered in the trade and commerce register of Cameroon, check out previous posts we did on how to start a limited liability company and a sole-proprietorship in Cameroon.

2. Obtain a professional merchant (trader) card

Your business has to be registered and own a professional trader’s card before you export in Cameroon. You can obtain this document at the Directorate of External Trade in the at the Ministry of Commerce in Yaounde.

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3. Obtain an Exporter’s Card

Just like importers, operators that would want to engage an export business in Cameroon will need to obtain an exporter’s card. The exporter’s card just like the merchant card could be gotten at the Directorate of External Trade in the Ministry of Commerce in Yaounde.

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