10 Cameroonian Women Rocking on Social Media

This is for those amazing Cameroonian women have been impacting the lives of youths in Cameroon with their activities. I have been following them online and their activities have been keeping the social media space funky. They come from different walks of life. From politics to fashion, techies to caterers, these Cameroonian women are my crush on social media.

There are just so many of them that I thought it would be great if I shared some of my selection with you. I have made a list of 10 women from Cameroon rocking social media. I know the list is longer as there many other great Cameroonian women out there doing amazing things which I may have missed. So you should make sure you tell us by dropping a comment below.

I will be updating the list each time I fall on them. So stay alert for future updates. Let’s kick off…here goes my list of ten with no ranking in mind because all of them rock in what they are doing.

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1. Sophie Ngassa Fon Nsoh

Sophie NgassaShe is Founder and CEO of Center for Youth Education and Economic Development, CYEED. She is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) advocate and her works are geared towards empowering the girl child digitally. Sophie, through CYEED is working hard to close the gender gap in STEM.

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2. Ngassa Nina

ngassa ninaI don’t know if she is related to Sophie Ngassa, but that name Ngassa in the ladies seem to be the “magic”. I feel like giving my daughter the name (however, there is ‘Ngassa’ in her mother). She featured in a previous article we published on this blog. Mami Nyama, as she is called took the social media by storm with branded snails, Nina Slow Boyz. She is the founder of Chef Nina Cuisine which also offers a box lunch service.

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3. Crescence Elodie

crescence elodie

This ladypreneur is unstoppable. Elodie calls herself a “digital evangelist” and that is just what she is been doing. She is a lifestyle blogger (Les Marches d’Elodie), techpreneur, and founder of Elodie Nonga Group. Her blog is one of the blogs that I am passionate about. From her activities of molding digital entrepreneurs, she is actually a “positive thinker and vision builder” as she says.

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4. Arrey Echi

Sickle CellThis lady is a perfect example of ‘when life gives you lemons, use it to make lemonade”. She was diagnosed of sickle cell anemia at the age of two that affected her hearing later on. From her activities on social media, you will never know she is hearing-impaired. Through her blog, Joy2Endure.com, she helps to sensitize her audience about sickle cell anemia clearing doubts on the various the myths surrounding the disease. She is a #SickleCellWarrior and through her life’s experiences, gives hope to those who are in difficult situations.

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5. Dr Susan Enjema Aweh aka Dtor Sea

Dr Susan EnjemaDr Enjema, a specialist consultant in internal medicine is the Founder of the Dtor SEA Initiative. The initiative uses the Internet “meducate” (medical education – a term she uses) and offer independent and always available informative resource for patients and victims in times of lack of care and shortage of medical professionals especially in developing countries”. You can find her meducative videos on her YouTube channel.

[nextpage title=”7. Yefon Mainsa”]

6. Yefon Mainsah

Yefon MainsahYefon Mainsah is a true definition of what they call “Boss Lady”. This [tooltip tip=”Subsurface engineers (also known as Completion engineers) are a subset within Petroleum Engineering and typically work closely with Drilling engineers. The job of a Subsurface Engineer is to effectively select equipment that will best suit the subsurface environment in order to best produce the hydrocarbon reserves. – Wikipedia”]Completions Engineer[/tooltip] is a versatile entrepreneur with high experiences in marketing and sales, business and product development and a great fighter for the rights of women. She is a Co-founder of Vakkall and runs a lifestyle and entertainment blog, I Rep Camer which she started since 2009. She is always fun on social media and you can find her throwing her likes and shares on everything worth promoting from arts, entertainment, girls education, women empowerment and so on.

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7. Cathy Kenne

Cathy KenneShe is a female leader with great experience working with young single mothers in difficulty. Through her association, Ladies Care, she carries out projects that help parents to bring up their families in a better way. Through one of her projects, EduCare, she sensitizes the youths in schools on civic education, sexuality, environment, entrepreneurship and personal development.

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8. Yensi Helen Jokem

Yensi HelenSingeh Helen Yensi Jokem is a Gender Rights Activist and Youth/Women Empowerment Advocate. She is also the Founder of The Hope Center, a young organization which seeks to rehabilitate women and girls who have suffered or are suffering from domestic violence, bringing out the real worth in them and empowering them to be strong women who can actively contribute to their personal development and the development of their communities.

In her everyday life, she seeks to empower young people on their Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights as well as encourages girl child education and the promotion of the rights of women and girls.

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9. Yolande Mengila Ndi Kima

Yolande MengilaCo-founder of SHREC-CIG, Yolande has been working hard to bridge the gap between the poor and the rich by addressing social needs as a means to tackle poverty in communities. To her, every girl, woman and youths in general should be self-reliant and be able to use their talents to improve their standard of living as well as develop their communities.

10. Pascaline Nenda

pascaline-nendaThis multi-award winning strong lady is changing the terrain of baby’s food in Cameroon and Africa in general. She is the Founder of Lamana, a local business that produces instant cereal for babies and children in general. Lamana has a series of products with Blesolac being the most popular.

As I said above, this list of amazing Cameroonian women active on social media will be updated as I discover them. Note should be taken that the above list is void of any ranking. We will soon be engaging with some of them for a full interview. Keep watching these page for updates.

Don’t hesitate to share and leave your comments below. Add as many powerful women as possible that you can find their activities on the various social media platforms in the comment section.

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