What's Next? The Most Pertinent Question Entrepreneurs Ask

The most pertinent question in the mind of an entrepreneur should be “What’s next?” Their to-do list is inexhaustible.

What’s next? What should I do after I complete this task? I have achieved this, so what’s next? That is the mind of an entrepreneur. Regardless of their past achievements, they always have the urge to carry on.

It is not only about carrying out another business idea or achieving other big goals. It concerns their every day activity. The things they do, whether big or small. The mindset of an entrepreneur is all about satisfying the need of always having something to do.

A real entrepreneur will always ask questions like

  • Product development – How can I improve or innovate on this?
  • Team – Are they meeting their goals?
  • Customers – Are they satisfied?
  • Finance – Is it in order?
  • Time – Should I take some time off?
  • What next? Nothing is ever easy. This last one is always in the mind of an entrepreneur. Will things ever be easy?

There is always something. The average business man will say ‘all is fine and it works well’. An entrepreneur will think in a different way. “This works well, but maybe I can make it better”. So there is always something to do. It is a journey with no end in order to be the best.

The entrepreneur always makes sure the team has enough work to do. As one task is being completed, another is waiting.

The question will keep coming because the final consumer is the one who decides. Are they satisfied? If not, what next? If yes, what next to make them more satisfied. Satisfying the customer is ultimate to keep loyalty, protect reputation and repeat customers.

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Time is gold to an entrepreneur. When an entrepreneur says he is taking some time off, know that he is doing so to think about what next to do. They always want to do more than just build their businesses. Even when they say they want to take time out and stay with their family, it’s difficult for them to stay without thinking. Most of the times their taking time off is to meet others like them and at the end, they discuss only ideas which leads to the question “What’s next?”

Money, money, money. You are not an entrepreneur if you don’t have money on your mind. The finances must be in order. Profit here, loss there, cash-flow, balance sheet, tax, banks, loans, etc. Will it ever get easier? It won’t. It’s not about the money, even if they make tons of it. It’s not about achieving the goals. Else they will stop the moment the achieve one. It’s bigger than we see. It’s the urge to be more creative. The desire to make it better and bigger. This means it will never get easier throughout the entrepreneurial journey.

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Leave a comment below about your entrepreneurial journey. Has it been that easy? Did you stop after achieving your goals? What’s next?

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