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October 5, 2021

VOKKALL Group Limited – African Print Fabrics Retailer & Wholesaler

Vokkall Group Limited

Vokkall Group Limited

We are pleased to announce the incorporation of VOKKALL Group Limited, a unique high-end African print fabric dealership in Cameroon.

VOKKALL sells unique African print fabrics in retail, wholesale, customized prints, and group outfits. The company was incorporated by OpenHub Digital on September 2, 2021.

Although VOKKALL Group Limited (VOKKALL Ltd) is just a newly created company, the business has been in existence as a sole proprietorship with substantial experience in the sale of African print fabrics.

Company Details

Name: VOKKALL Group Limited (VOKKALL Limited)

Headquarters: Tiko, South West Region (with sales points in Douala and Yaoundé)

Registration Number: TPPRR/RC/LBE/2021/B/0327

Taxpayer Number: M092116433964G

Manager: Y. Mainsah

VOKKALL sells high-quality African prints

VOKKALL’s offers high-quality products and services that deliver a unique experience to their customers. They aim to offer exclusive qualities and products that will be available to everyone at affordable prices.

Today, VOKKALL is proud to be an active partner in tomorrow’s fashion with a unique collection of the best African print fabric you can find in the market.

You can check out their store to make a selection of customized African print fabrics for personal and group outfits.

Products & Services

They offer carefully crafted fabrics which you can use to create unique patterns. VOKKALL Ltd has had several years of experience in the manufacture, import and export of fabrics, ready-made garments, clothing, leather products, fancy clothes, textile products and all other products of fibrous substance for commercial, industrial and personal use.

They are also into distributorship, dealership and commission agency in all types of cotton, fiber, cloth, printed cloth, garments and other fabric-related merchandise.

In the food industry, VOKKALL Group Limited offers food supply, distribution & delivery, restaurant, catering and hotel management services. They are also into consultancy, management services & feasibility studies.

You are invited to visit their online store for the newest addition to their collection of African print fabrics.

Contact Information

Telephone / WhatsApp / Telegram: +237 691 367 995




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