mistakes you must avoid when starting a business in Cameroon
7 mistakes you must avoid when starting a business in Cameroon
September 23, 2021
Vokkall Group Limited
VOKKALL Group Limited – African Print Fabrics Retailer & Wholesaler
October 1, 2021

Ship Marine Trading Club Registered in Cameroon

Ship Marine Trading Club Cameroon

Ship Marine Trading Club Cameroon Ltd

I have some excellent news for you. As you know, OpenHub Digital has been helping investors and entrepreneurs incorporate and run their businesses in Cameroon. Ship Marine Trading Club Cameroon Ltd has been incorporated!

Today, we are happy to inform the public that Ship Marine Trading Club, has started a subsidiary in Cameroon.

Ship Marine Trading Club Cameroon Limited (SMTC Ltd) was incorporated in Cameroon on September 3, 2021, with headquarters in Douala.

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Ship Marine Trading Club Cameroon Limited offers shipping – ship management, ship chartering, ship operation, ship brokers, custom house brokers, shipping property management, freight contractors, forwarding and clearing agents, classification, ship registration, documentation marine consultancy, marine expert surveyor, crew management, ship assist, tanker escort, salvors, wreck removers, wreck raisers, auctioneers, inspectors and many others.

Company Details

Name: Ship Marine Trading Club Limited (SMTC Ltd)

Address: Carrefour des Immeubles, Kotto Douala

Registration Number: TPPCR/RC/DLN/2021/B/2198

Taxpayer Number: M092116455667N

Manager: Captain Mohamad Al Al

Services of Ship Marine Trading Club Cameroon Limited

As said earlier, SMTC Ltd offers ship Marine services all over the world. They offer Ship Consultancy and ship sales and Purchase, Chartering and Ship Operation as well as Demolition vessels, ship finance and evaluation, as well as innovative solutions in the maritime sector.

Their main services include:

Shipping and Chartering

Their Shipping and Chartering Team provides reliable and professional services to clients to help the shipowners, shipper, importers and exporters. They also help in approximating the distances in order to help present a good offer for their needs.

Ship Management

SMTC Ltd is a leader when it comes to high-quality international ship management services.

Ship Purchase & Sale

You want to purchase or sell a ship? Ship sale and purchase is one of the core business of Ship Marine Trading Club.

Vessel Chartering Services

SMTC team are well respected and known in the shipping world. With an extensive network of shipowners and brokers, SMTC Ltd can find vessels to transfer your goods in time you want to meet the customer’s commercial and operational needs.

Ship Registry

Ship Marine Trading Club Ltd offers ship registry services under different flag.

Consultation & Surveyor

SMTC Limited also offers marine surveying and consulting services with a wide portfolio of services in Draft Survey, Ship pre-purchase inspection, on-hire, off-hire, Cargo Handling (loading, unloading)

Crew Management

SMTC are one of the best in developing and well training crew for your vessel. Their crew management team recruits skilled seafarers as well as coordinate all crewing needs of clients.

Research and Index

To follow the market, we publish daily, weekly and monthly information and reports on fuel prices, the Baltic index, the prices of ships, iron scrap and other reports in the maritime field to ensure that our clients be informed on market mechanisms and movements, supply and demand. We also apply our understanding of shipping markets and industry forces, developing long-term macroeconomic perspectives.

Quality Service Follow-up & Development – QSFD Policy

SHIP MARINE TRADING CLUB – SMTC has set its general policy to implementing quality services. Besides meeting their client’s needs, they also follow up each service to ensure it is done well to meet international maritime regulations and standard rules for safety.

Future Plans

SMTC Ltd will also invest in the education, training, research and advancement of maritime education in Cameroon. You can get in touch with them using the contact details below;

Contact Information

Ship Marine Trading Club – SMTC

Carrefour des Immeubles, Kotto – Douala

Telephone / WhatsApp : +237 683 823 632 | +237 694 092 161

Email: shipmtclub@gmail.com | shipmtclub@shipmtclub.com | smtc.douala@gmail.com

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/shipmtclub

Website: http://www.shipmtclub.com/

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