video: Making Paper Out Of Banana Fibre

In a previous post I shared with you a video about a Ugandan female entrepreneur, Sharon Ninsiima who converts banana fibre into paper and later on hand-crafts them into shopping bags and gift bags.
Some of you may have had interest in starting something like that but don’t know how to go about it. We have a lot of banana or plantain stalk all around us in Cameroon which we leave to decompose. We all know it takes a while for it to fully decompose.
However, we can add value to the life of the banana fibre having in mind that it is biodegradle and will still one day end as manure. This will make you earn some extra cash for yourself as well as employ one or two persons. That at a may look small, but at a macro level, you are adding great valueto the country’s economy.
Let me share with you below a video by Dwight Rose where he explains clearly on how to make biodegradable paper out of banana or plantain fibre.
Watch the video by Dwight Rose on using banana fibre to make paper below and be inspired.

How to convert banana fibre to paper:


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