These Startups That Are Changing Africa Using Technology

Africa is slowly, but steadily taking its place in the terrain of big business players in the world. Lets checkout some startups that are changing Africa from a consumer-only to a major player in world business. This article will be updated frequently, so stay updated by checking on your favorite business and entrepreneurial blog. Let’s take a ride to know more about these entrepreneurs and their businesses that are changing Africa.

Easy Moov Changing Cameroon’s Relocating Services

Easy Moov
Easy Moov

Relocating from one place to another is one of the biggest challenges faced by inhabitants of big cities in Africa. With the growing population, rapid urbanization and increase in economic activities, many people will prefer to relocate their homes or offices to cheap and newly developed areas.

This is one of the reasons Asaba Fualefac, a young entrepreneur in Cameroon has started an online relocating service to serve the needs of the growing urban population in the Cameroon’s capital and economic capital. According to Asaba, Easy Moov has come to “simplify the process of transferring from one home or office to another”. This is the first of it’s kind in the country and his second real estate start-up. Another start-up by this innovative entrepreneur is Easy Rent, which uses “computer and Internet technology to make all aspects of the letting and rental process as easy as possible”. Read more about Easy Moov, Cameroon’s First Online Relocation Service.

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Wallyscar, Tunisian Car Manufacturing Company


Meet Tunisian brothers, Zied Guiga and Omar Guiga who founded Wallyscar, a Tunisian car manufacturing company. The company founded in 2006 has successfully manufactured two car models, Wallys Iris and Wallys Izis (which is out of production). The brand produces 600 units of the car each year out of a projected 50 cars per year when they started. The car is sold in Qatar, France, Panama and Morocco. The Guiga brothers plan to expand their company to other African countries by opening micro-plants in Ivory Coast, Cameroon and Nigeria. Their goal is to produce 3000 cars a in the next few years and making their company a regional brand. Read more about Wallyscar, Tunisian Car Manufacturing Company Founded by the Guiga Brothers.

MaTontine,  Digital ROCSA Model Changing Africa

Talking about siblings founding businesses in Africa, here are Nigerian siblings, Bernie Akporiaye and Tosan Oruwariye, who founded MaTontine, a fintech start-up that helps thousands of small-scale business owners in Senegal get finance for their business. The start-up has innovated the traditional Rotational Credit and Savings Association, ROCSA model practiced in many Francophone sub-Sahara African countries.

The system, called ‘Tontine’, Natt in Senegal, Esusu in Nigeria and Njangi in Cameroon allows users to save as low as 10 USD per month that will qualify them for a 100 USD when it’s their time to benefit. Checkout more these Nigerian Entrepreneurs Revolutionizing Peer-to-peer Savings in Senegal with MaTontine.

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