That feeling when you drink a fresh glass of pineapple juice

It’s tangy, sweet and delicious. I am still to find something refreshing like a fresh pineapple juice on a hot day in Douala. I don’t know why, but I don’t like it that much when I have to chew it. When I pull up my chair and sit behind my laptop with my tall glass of pineapple juice, I feel so energized and inspired.

Pineapple juice is not only delicious and refreshing on a sunny day, but also packed full of vitamin C and other health benefits. An unsweetened and unadulterated cup of pineapple juice contain Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and B1, bromelain and beta-carotene which are all ingredients of a healthy diet.

I usually drink pineapple juice because it’s refreshing and helps to boost my energy. That not withstanding, I thought I should checkout some of the benefits of this marvelous fruit I have been taking consistently for a while now. That’s when I discovered I was no longer feeling the inflammation I usually had on my upper left breast besides my shoulder.

Some selected health benefits of pineapple

Studies have shown that pineapple juice

  • is an anti-inflammatory since bromelain has anti-inflammatory properties
  • is good for asthma patients for it contains beta-carotene which is an excellent antioxidant
  • is good for the heart because of it’s Vitamin C contents. Vitamin C is great for your cardiovascular health
  • is … and so on. I will come back to the benefits in another post

Let’s leave it for another day. Something very interesting which you may not know. I consume at least 95% of my pineapple fruit. Have you ever heard of pineapple peel tea? Throwing the peelings of pineapple is like wasting a third of this delicious tropical fruit. Try boiling the peel to make pineapple peel tea.

Where can you get the best pineapples around Douala?

Hmm! I know this must have tickled your mind. Pineapple is grown in and around Douala and you can get this precious fruit anytime of the year. Mbanga, Loum, Penja and so on are the nearest places that supplies Douala with this delicious fruits. So what can be the secret behind a good pineapple?

The first thing is the quality. To get high quality pineapples, you need to follow the processes and comply with the quality standards to grow them. You need to calculate each movement. You have to check the quality of the fruit in and out, clean it and preserve it in order to keep it fresh for a longer period.

That’s what I’ve been wanting to tell you, but I had to make sure you understand first what is meant by quality. Our farm in Mbanga stands out because for its compliance with high quality standards and we’re committed to get various certifications. If you want to get the best pineapples, then you should not worry. Just continue to read and get more details.

Why does our farm have the best pineapples?

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One of our pineapple farms at Mbanga

We follow the guidelines put in place by the Ministries of Agriculture and Environment and Nature Protection.

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The production process matters a lot

We train our staff on the various farming tasks like seed and soil management.

Just as I said above, the production process matters a lot. There are certain quality checks that you must put in place in order to make this delicious tropical fruit remain delicious on your table. Fruit quality inside and outside, cleaning and preservation, moisture and residue elimination and many other processes to keep it fresh.

Our farming practices is in accordance with the requirements put in place by the state. We follow the guidelines put in place by the Ministries of Agriculture and Environment and Nature Protection. These guidelines show the fundamental practices that should be used for the production of pineapples.

To get high quality pineapples, we make sure we follow up the procedures to the book. We train our staff on the various farming tasks like seed and soil management. Our aim is to follow all the procedures so as to meet up with the standards so as to obtain national as well as international certifications.

This is a great opportunity for you!

Do you want that fresh tropical fruit on your table, on your clients’ table, in your fruit juice stand or shop? Don’t worry, we can supply it to you fresh from Mbanga to your doorsteps in Douala. You don’t need to worry yourself by always going to the market time-and-again to get it. We will supply and teach you how to preserve it.

For all those young entrepreneurs who told me they wanted to start a juicing business, it is time now for us to discuss business. Don’t worry about the starting capital. We’ll always workout something for a win-win business. I will talk more about this when next I am talking pineapples.

Now this is what we are going to do since you have been waiting for me to tell you how you will get your supplies. For you to get that juicy fruit for a delicious pineapple juice, you can get in touch with us below:

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