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See how they innovated the “teacher” game

the "teacher" game

Let’s have some fun with the “teacher” game.

It’s been close to a month since the 2019/20 school year began in Cameroon. I know this period has not been an easy one for parents and guardians given the situation of the economy.

However, we should all be happy if they come home with good results. It’s not only about classroom results – we should also do our part to see that they can put into practice what they study in school.

There’s no age for doing that. There is no age for a child to learn how to become a professional, an entrepreneur or someone worthy. We start to develop our passion at a very tender age.

The “teacher” game

When schools started, I saw my kids coming back to play the “teacher game” as we used to call it when we were young. This was a game usually played at home amongst us kids as well as our friends.

There was also the “father” or “priest” game where we played the priest, alter server and Christians. We usually did this on Sunday afternoons or after we come back from training as alter servers on Saturdays.

The teacher game is one of the most common game my kids play in the house. The main tools needed for this game is a whip, a book and a virtual blackboard (our TV set served this purpose well).

The “teacher” game innovated

For the past one and a half week, I saw some little changes in this game. They no longer use the TV as a board. They have now turned a door that has a plywood as a board and use chalk.

Each day they come back from school, they arrange their chairs behind the board and each person takes his/her turn to teach. They make use of the board as well as their house books to take notes.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun”

Albert Einstein

The teacher presents the day’s work (what was taught that day in school) and writes it down. The others take notes, asks or answers questions the teacher asks. When your time is up, the other takes over.

The power of innovation

Innovation is not only about creative thinking. There is the learning part which many people underestimate, yet very important. There are many out there with creative thoughts yet nothing to write home about.

Majority of your innovative skill set comes through learning. This means you have to:

  • first of all understand the skill
  • practice it
  • go on experimentation and from there you will
  • gain confidence in your capacity to create and sell your idea

Practical skills are very important

As the children play the game, it gives them the chance to practice what they have learned in school. Teaching has been seen as one of the best ways in learning. You rarely forget what you teach.

As Albert Einstein says, “Creativity is intelligence having fun”. I have now seen an innovation of the game we used to play as kids. The kids are entertained as they play it while I see an innovation in a game I had fun playing.

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Kermann Lobga
Kermann Lobga
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