What do I need to register a limited company in Cameroon?

This is a continuation to my previous post that explained the different types of sole proprietor businesses in Cameroon. I am going to talk about what you need to register a limited company in Cameroon and the various types.

Register a limited company in Cameroon

Before you engage in incorporating a company In Cameroon, you need to know that there are two types of this company structure available in Cameroon:

  • Private limited liability company is a business entity whose owners have limited liability with private ownership as shares are prohibited from being traded publicly. In Cameroon, the initials LTD, SARL, are added to the names to differentiate it from other businesses.
  • Public limited liability company is a business entity where shares are offered to the general public. Shareholders also have limited liability. In Cameroon, the the public limited company have PLC, LLC, SA added to the name in order to differentiate it from others.

To register a limited company in Cameroon, you need to have a business address. Your home or office address can be used. It is possible to use a virtual office provider whereby they will give you a formal business address for a fee. Every mail sent to the postal address will be forwarded to you .

A limited company just like a sole proprietor business with more than 10 million turnover is registered in the Trade and Personal Property Credit Register, TPPCR. Limited companies in Cameroon have to apply for registration in the TPPCR within a month after its formation.

For their application to be accepted, they need to come up with an articles of association where they need to mention the following:

– business name

– acronym, sign or commercial name where applicable

– main activity or activities carried out

– the form of company

– the amount of authorized registered capital

– address of registered office

– duration of the company

– full name, date, place of birth and domicile of business partners, administrators or managers of the company

The articles of association has to be certified by a notary public and necessary number of copies deposited at the TPPCR alongside the following supporting documents:

  • certified copies of certificate of share payments
  • certified copies of list of managers, administrators of the company
  • a non-conviction certificate or criminal record of those referred to above
  • where necessary, an authorization for the business to operate
  • photocopies of national identity cards for shareholders (nationals)
  • photocopies of birth certificate for minors
  • photocopies of resident permit or passports for foreigners
  • localization sketch of the business premise and
  • tenancy agreement or land tax for those who own the business premise

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Once the application is complete, the authorized court Registry will assign a registration number to the company. It should be noted that the same documents are required to register both a public limited company and a private limited company.

Company tax

Companies in Cameroon are assessed under Company Tax. Checkout how to calculate company tax in Cameroon. They fall under simplified and actual earnings tax regimes depending on their annual turnover.

Simplified has an annual turnover of above 10 million francs cfa to below 50 million francs cfa while the

actual earnings has an annual turnover of 50 million francs cfa and above

It should be noted that all businesses registered at the TPPCR fall under these systems. However, there are some businesses with less than 10 million annual turnover that are automatically assessed under the simplified or actual rate tax system.

Register your business in Cameroon
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