Reboot Your Business 2020 – Know your tax rights

Reboot Your Business 2020: Taxpayers have rights and need to know these rights when dealing with the tax administration.

As an entrepreneur, manager, accountant or any taxpayer, understanding the tax law and knowing your rights as a taxpayer will give you the much needed peace of mind when running your business.

It is not a matter of you being an expert, but it is very important for you to understand the basics of what you pay as tax. We are giving you that opportunity to learn some basic tax notions which will help you to start and run your business.

Cameroonians have very little knowledge about the tax they pay. In this case, the best way to improve public awareness on tax issues is by letting tax payers have knowledge on taxation.

As a taxpayer, you may think the tax administration has all the power because it is a government agency. What you many are ignorant about is that they do have rights as taxpayers and knowing those rights can help you deal better with the tax administration.

Some of your rights include:

  • The right to be informed and get access to information that concerns you
  • The taxpayer is a customer and so deserves the right to quality service
  • The right to challenge the decision of the tax administration 
  • Has the right to appeal a decision in the administrative court
  • The right to pay not more than what you are rightfully supposed to pay

There are many others which you will discover during our Reboot Your Business training workshop on the changes and innovations in the 2020 Finance Law of Cameroon.

Be part of this first edition of Reboot Your Business 2020 that will be taking place on Saturday, February 29, 2020. 

Registration: 10,000fcfa (snacks for a coffee break inclusive)

Don’t forget to download the brochure for this training.

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