Get Your Company Registered in 7 Days in Cameroon

Get your company registered in Cameroon with us. Start up friendly, satisfied clients, deadline never missed!

Want to get your company registered in Cameroon?

OpenHub Digital is your business registration assistant with many years of experience in incorporating companies in Cameroon. Our commitment is focused on helping you get your company registered in Cameroon, whatever it takes.

To get your company registered entails a detailed process of establishing a corporate structure fully compliant with the law. Our team have put in place all-inclusive solutions from name approval to the execution of documents required for the purpose of incorporation.

Want to start a business in Cameroon?

Come with your idea, lets start, run and grow your business in Cameroon! OpenHub Digital offers fast and reliable business registration service in Cameroon and tailored business solutions for your need.

We have compacted the procedures associated with getting a registered company in Cameroon to make things easy and straightforward to our clients.

Our team of experts and partners provide the most comprehensive before and after incorporation services suited to meet your unique needs. Below are some business structures to choose from:

Private limited company

This is one of the most common and stable business structure to be registered in Cameroon. One of the greatest advantage of such a business structure is the limited liability protection.

With a limited liability protection, the business is considered a legal entity different from its owners. This means, the business is liable for its own debts. Owners’ private asset will not be used to pay for the debts incurred by the company.


The minimum number of shareholders is two, with at least two managers. The minimum amount for authorized capital is XAF100,000. KNOW MORE

Get Your Company Registered in 7 Days in Cameroon

One-Person Company

In Cameroon, a single person or entity can own 100% shares in a company. This type of limited company is called a one-person company or a single-owned company.

A one-person company also has the same protection and responsibilities of a private limited company. The only difference is that the required number of shareholders to incorporate the company is one. KNOW MORE

Sole Proprietorship

Also known as a one-man business, the liabilities of the owner of this business structure are unlimited. This means, the owner is liable to the debts of the business. If the business incurs debts, the private assets of the owners will be used to pay off the debt.

This type of business structure is registered in the name of the owner. The owner and the business are regarded as the same person. The business ends when the owner dies. KNOW MORE

OpenHub Digital and its partners are a leader in innovation when it comes to business registration, corporate laws, taxation, labor, accounting and legal services in Cameroon.

If you plan or want to start a business in Cameroon, OpenHub Digital is your best bet. Our team and partners are made up of seasoned professionals in the industry with many years of experience in taxation, finance and corporate laws.

We strive daily to keep our clients satisfied by delivering quality services professionally and committed to respecting deadlines.

With our single point of contact, we ensure our clients get individual attention while they save time and money running their business.

Apart from incorporating companies, we also help you in your post-registration legal, tax, accounting and compliance requirements. With a wide network of partners, we offer the following services:

Company incorporation

Business (trade) license

Import & Export license


Accounting & Bookkeeping services

Payroll & Labor law

Monthly and annual tax filing

Share capital increase

Share purchase agreement

Business conversion services

Business closure services

Visa and other compliance services

Social media marketing

Content writing services

Website design & development

App and web app development

OpenHub Digital is a one-stop-shop for doing business in Cameroon. Start, Run and Grow Your Business in Cameroon with OpenHub Digital.

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