Do you want to export made-in-Cameroon products?

Brief: If you have been wanting to exploit foreign markets to export made-in-Cameroon products, then this is for you. Checkout some of the things you need to know before exporting to other markets.

There are many entrepreneurs out there who are looking for a market for their products. Most of them want to conquer local as well as international markets. However, competition is one great obstruction which they have to beat.

They are still small and don’t have that big budget to spend on marketing their sweat. There’s also the capacity to reduce cost by mechanizing production. Things become more difficult when giants are already in position.

Whatever the situation, you have to get your own share of market both national as well as international. To do that, you need to be very professional and make sure your business is actually operational.

When I talk of operational, I mean your business should be registered and legal. You can’t do business both in and out of the country without it having a legal status. Checkout this post I made on why you have to register your business.

Let me share with you some of what you need to consider you want to export made-in-Cameroon products to other countries:

Product name & adaptation

A name may sound well in your country but may mean something else in the target market. Just like the name, you may also have to modify the product to meet up with regulations, climatic conditions and preferences of the receiving country.

Packaging, labeling & branding

What differentiates a product from another is the brand. Package, label and brand are secondary features that play a lot in the consumers’ mind.

  • It helps to determine if the consumer will purchase or not. Your choice of color, graphics or illustrations should not only be appropriate, but appealing to the consumer.
  • Make sure the language used is understandable by the end-user. There are countries like Canada that will require an English-French label while Middle East countries will need Arabic-English label.
  • Your packaging material should meet the rules and regulations of the importing country. Your packages should meet up with technology and innovation. Customers are very keen on that.

Certificate of origin

Some countries will require a statement or document from authorities in your country that indicates where the product is made. You will have to check with your customer, agent, wholesaler or logistics specialist to determine.

Warranties and guarantees

Make sure you carefully consider the terms of guarantee or warranty on your product. Think of what it takes to meet up with the commitments globally and not locally.

Worthy to note that the levels of expectation and rights for each warranty varies in different countries. Customers out of your country may take this very important because their service expectations are high.

The above are just some of the things you may need to export made-in-Cameroon products to markets outside the country . To better understand your new market, it is very necessary for you to

  • do a market research
  • get in touch with your customers out of the country
  • look for sales partners who can give you an idea of the products that can be sold
  • checkout with the country’s embassy in your country
  • some countries also have a representation of their chamber of commerce in your country. You may have to get more information from there.

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