How to Clean Your Laptop Screen, Case & Keyboard

We all handle our laptops more often and hence it turns to get dirty very often. It is necessary to clean your computers once in a while, though laptops require frequent cleaning than desktops. Below, I will give you some hint on how to clean your laptop safely.

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Below are the things you will need when to clean your laptop:

  • Soft household sponge

  • Detergent (dish-washing detergent will be preferable)

  • Cloth – should be lint-free

  • Cotton swabs

  • Water

Clean the Laptop Case:

  1. Turn off your laptop

  2. Remove the power supply cable from the plug (socket). Remember water and electric current aren’t bed-fellows.

  3. Prepare the cleaning liquid. Mix the detergent with clean water

  4. soak the household sponge inside the cleaning liquid

  5. Squeeze out the water from the sponge until it is dry

  6. Wipe down the laptop’s case gently. The touch pad and other areas can also be cleaned with the sponge or cotton swabs. Make sure you don’t insert the swabs into any of the jacks, ports or holes on the laptop.

  7. Use the lint-free cloth to wipe the case with. This will help sop out any excess moisture

Clean the Screen

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You can choose one of three options below to clean your laptop’s screen:

  • Use lint-free cloth to clean screen. Laptops have LCD monitors. The cloth will get off finger prints and remove dust on the screen.

  • Use water with a sponge to wipe screen. You can also use a damp sponge to clean your laptop’s screen. Make sure you use only water and no detergent. Make sure you squeeze all the water from the sponge before wiping.

  • Use an LCD monitor cleaning kit. You can get a monitor cleaning kit from a nearby computer shop. The kit contains a damp small towel that has been moistened with a special made monitor-cleaning solution.

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NB: You have to turn off as well as unplug your laptop before cleaning the monitor to avoid electric shock.

Do NOT do this:

Don’t use alcohol or cleaners that contain ammonia to clean your LCD screen. It can damage the LCD display system which will in turn make the image to be blur or unreadable.

Clean the Keyboard

You can use a small portable vacuum cleaner to clean your laptop’s keyboard. With the vacuum cleaner, you can suck out crumbs, hair and other tiny particles between the laptop’s keys.

You can use a pencil eraser to rub off build-up material on the key caps. After this is done, you can use the vacuum cleaner again to suck up the eraser stubble that has fallen between the keys.

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Don’t forget to put off and unplug the laptop before cleaning the keyboard.

I am sure this was helpful to you. Don’t forget to share with others so they can get their own laptop cleaned. If you have another easier method, do not hesitate to share it with us in the comment section below.

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