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Have you ever thought of registering a company in Cameroon?

Incorporating a small business maybe a huge decision for the owner(s), though a good one, as it’s not reserved for those that are well-established.

The law obliges everyone running a business within the boundaries of Cameroon to be registered. You’re maybe running an unregistered business now, but be careful because the penalties are high.

When you register a company in Cameroon, you are permitted to issue shares and raise equity capital.

There are also many other benefits you’re missing for running an unregistered business. These include legal and marketing advantages, which you may not benefit from because you don’t have a registered business.

Benefits of registering a company in Cameroon

There are many benefits when you register a business in Cameroon. Below are some:

Minimize personal liability

Once you register a company in Cameroon, your personal assets are protected from business actions. Your company becomes a distinct legal entity, responsible and accountable for any debts incurred by the business.

This means, those the business is owing will seek payment from the business assets and not your personal assets. With this, your business can perform operations without risking your personal assets.

Easy access to capital

Once you register a company in Cameroon, it becomes easier for you to raise capital for your business. You can apply for a loan from banks or even raise equity capital from angel investors.

A registered company has a better chance of obtaining a bank loan when compared to a sole proprietorship or partnership.

Once your company is registered in Cameroon, you’re permitted to issue shares and raise equity capital. This will help you to raise the much-needed finance needed to run your business.

Investors will prefer to invest in a registered business with a formal structure than an unregistered business.

International reputation

Registering a business in Cameroon will bring in some benefits in terms of dealings with reputable businesses in the future. Many foreign companies are looking up to engage in business ties and engagements with registered companies in Cameroon.

As a business platform, we’ve had many foreign companies ask us to verify if the companies they want to engage with in Cameroon are registered. In most cases, we discover the businesses are not registered.

To avoid such opportunities, you need to get your business registered by OpenHub Digital!

Brand awareness and credibility

When you register a company in Cameroon, it helps build trust and establish your legitimacy with potential customers and investors. This also serves as a big plus for business’ branding.

Customers, investors and other stakeholders perceive a registered business to be more stable than those that are not registered.

Government contracts and supplies are always put at the disposal of registered businesses. You cannot apply for a tender from reputable businesses if you don’t have a registered business in Cameroon.

Low Corporate Tax

The 2021 Finance Law offer tax incentives to investors who are willing to register a company in Cameroon. Some of such incentives include a lower corporate tax rate, exemption from business license tax and many others.

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OpenHub Digital benefits

Registering a company in Cameroon using the services of OpenHub Digital also comes in with many benefits.

  • We can register a company in Cameroon in just 14 working days, and you operate from anywhere.
  • We provide you with the knowledge needed to register a company, tax and tax management.
  • Furthermore, we help you to pick the right legal structure for your business. Remember, the right business structure will help your business operate efficiently.
  • Our team will help you stay compliant with the legislation by sending you compliance reminders to ensure you stay legal and void of penalties or fines.
  • We also put at your disposal the legal and compliance requirements to register a company in Cameroon.
  • There are many goodies we offer when you register a company in Cameroon with OpenHub Digital.
  • We promote your business on our various platforms for at least three months to help you get exposure from both customers and investors.

Your company is priority when any foreign ties or engagement is needed. Many foreign companies get in touch with us to look for companies who can supply or partner with them.

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