Answering Your Biggest Question: How Soon Will My Order Arrive?

Need Supplies ASAP? Here’s How Quickly We Can Ship Your Order!

If you’re to get the answer on how we can deliver your package, then this post we give you all the answers you need.

If you are reading now or want to start your own baby clothing business, then you have to read this initial post I made on how to start a baby clothing business as a sit-at-home mom.

Starting such a business, one of the first things you’ll need to figure out is sourcing products – and that’s where we come in! As a wholesaler, we’ve got all sorts of newborn baby clothing items you can resell at a a great profit – upto 35%.

Start a baby clothing business in Cameroon - place your orders now

Now you may be wondering how long it will take for the goods to be delivered once you place your order. Well, let me break down the options for you.

If you’re local, you’re totally welcome to stop by and pick out what you need in person. We’ll help you find everything on your list and get it boxed up. We located behind Santa Lucia, Bonamoussadi.

From there, you’ve got a couple choices. If you want, you can come grab your package the next day. Or if delivery works better, we’re happy to ship it out – just cover the cost and we’ll handle the logistics.

Can’t make it into the store? No sweat! Just browse our catalog, which you can request by clicking the WhatsApp button on the left, select the items you want, place your order and once your payment goes through, we’ll ship it out ASAP. Again, shipping is on you but we’ll take care of the packing and transportation.

We take pride in processing all orders efficiently so you have what you need to succeed. Just let us know your preferences and we’ll handle the rest.

Reach out if you have any other questions – we’re here to help you launch that baby clothing business! You can also read how this work from home opportunity works.

Start, Run & Grow Your Business in Cameroon with OpenHub Consulting Ltd.

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