7 Steps To Note If You Want A successful Music Career

A plant is just a plant until it flowers shout out. Bees are attracted to the brightness as it generously shares out its nectar. The bees use the nectar to make honey. We all know how honey is sweet and will make you ask for more. It is not different for what happens in business. It still the same for anyone who ones to have a successful music career.

If the plant had stayed without flowers, it wont have attracted bees and honey wont have been made. Your music career will not just happen, you have to make it happen. If you sit around waiting for success or the opportunity to be successful, then the wait will be long. Opportunities are made, not given. Success comes with a success-driven mindset. If you don’t add value to what you have, it wont be desired by many. Below are some ideas that can help make you have a successful music career.

1. That hit of yours wont make you have a successful music career

The one-hit musicians. Those that come out with one hit and everybody is like “wao! This guy/chap is good”. Record companies, music promoters, bands and managers are not there to look for such. They are not out to look for a great music or great one-hit musician to sell. They are out for those who can create good music.

You need to prove that you are beyond a one-hit musician. You need to be worth what the makers of the music industry want. Show them that the relation between you and them is worth their investment. Prove that you can add lots of value and reduce their risk if they invest in you.

Take home lesson: You have to invest in yourself before asking others to do same.

2. Be committed and think long-term

Reputable music companies and people who are interested in investing in musicians are not going in for a short term venture. They want to make sure you are committed for a long term business deal. Don’t think they will even ask you that. No, they will just sit and look for proof that you can be a good investment based on what research they have about you. Things like your mindset, track record, your strategy, commitment, risk elements and value comes into play here. This still takes us back to you, the musician adding value to yourself and show proof of risk reduction.

3. Don’t wait for that “opportunity”, create the opportunity

Most people say they have not been given the opportunity, else they would have shown what they have. That’s the talk of a cry-baby. It has become a lyric in the tongue of most artists in Cameroon. It is time you get up and create an opportunity for yourself if you want to have a successful music career. No one will create an opportunity for you. You need to add value to what you already got and reduce the risks on the part of record companies, promoters and managers. Don’t wait or depend on others to create an opportunity for you. Everyone in the industry is busy creating opportunities for themselves and not for you. If your greatest wish is to have a successful music career, then get up, be proactive and create that opportunity for yourself.

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4. Put all the pieces together

The only time you hear about a musician is 2, 3, 4 days when an album, an extended play (EP) or single will be launched. That is very common with artists from Cameroon. They go underground and come out like, “I want to surprise you! and at the end, they surprise themselves. You are just surprising yourself. Your fans wont be ready for you. What they think first is that you will go underground again to surprise them.

Putting all the pieces together means you have to promote your music (album, single or EP), draw people to your website, expand your social media presence, seek deals with labels, promoters, managers, promote live shows, etc. You have to integrate all these things. They must be connected. Once it is disconnected, it wont be effective. You need a proven and well thought-out strategy. Once they are put together as a full package or strategy, then the possibility that you make it out will be great.

5. It’s not all about putting your name out there

It’s not all about putting your name or getting as many fans as possible. It’s not about the social media “Likes” that most artists in Cameroon are dying to get. It’s about dishing out quality music. Do that and the fans will come rushing towards you (yes, na dem go rush you).

Many did not know Stanley Enow until he came out with Hein Père. He was not peddling for “Likes” on social media to get fans. No, he stimulated people with good music and they pelted him with Likes. He needs no promo to draw likes. He has been consistent in the field. He makes his fans to feel they miss him when there drouth for good music.

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6. You need a success-driven mindset

Successful people have a success-driven mindset. It goes for every other business including the music business. When you are gunning for something, two things are possible, you succeed or you fail. Choose one and go for it. Having the wrong mindset, means your place is in the gutters.

7. You can’t make it on your own

That’s true. Here we do know the popular “support our own” phrase. It’s good to “support our own”, but that doesn’t mean one will support trash because it is “our own”. If you really want a successful and long term music career, you can’t do it alone. That is suicidal. It also means you have to be professional. Work with promoters, managers, music labels and your fans.

Bloggers or promoters don’t need to work for free. You may not have the money doesn’t mean they will have to support you for free. They can do that, but for how long? Provide them with various strategies on which you can work with them. If you have money, pay them and hold them responsible if they don’t do their work. Business should be business. Don’t expect them to work for free and offer you what you expect of them. Who pays their bills?

Add value to your music and the fans will come rushing to support. No amount of “Likes” on social media will make you successful. You can not have a successful music career with social media likes. Some even go to the extend of paying for these “Likes”. Why not use the money to add value to yourself. No one wants to be a hypocrite. If you put trash out there, your friends will like, but wont share. Invest in yourself, add value, reduce risk, and the promoters, label companies, managers and fans will “rush you”.

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