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Council taxes in Cameroon

8 Common Council Taxes In Cameroon You Don’t Know

See some taxes and fees collected by local and regional bodies which you may not have known

OpenHub Digital

OpenHub Digital | Your Favorite Blog's First Quarter Review

Brief: What OpenHub Digital has been up to in the first quarter of 2019. I have been busy talking about taxes for the past months that I even forgot about the small business tips I usually give. It’s been necessary as we need to know some tax basics in order to do business in Cameroon…


Cameroon: Tax Payment Made Easy Via “Mobile Tax”

The 2014 Finance Law in other to simplify the tax payment options put in place a payment mechanism whereby taxpayers could conveniently carry out tax payments using their mobile phones. To put the law into practice, the Directorate General of Taxation introduced the Mobile Tax, an electronic payment mechanism whereby taxpayers use mobile money to…

Property Tax in Cameroon

Property Tax In Cameroon

The property tax in Cameroon is paid annually on built-on and non-built-on estates that are found in main towns of administrative units in Cameroon. This also concerns: Built-on and non-built-on estates found in urban areas with infrastructure and amenities like tarred or earth road, electricity and water supply and/or telephone networks The property tax is…