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Digital content marketing has been seen as one of the most effective ways of lead generation online. Many firms, especially in Africa focus mostly on traditional link-building. Openhub gives a lot of value in various digital content marketing strategies that is more than just link popularity.

Our content marketing strategy include:

– A team of digital content marketing expert that collaborate with our SEO strategist, graphic designers and copy-writing manager

– Dedicated strategies to increase your site’s rankings by providing high quality content signals

– High quality original content in the form of blog posts, infographics, motion graphics and eBooks

Why You Need a Digital Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is a very effective marketing strategy. The main focus of content marketing is to provide visitors of a website with interesting content in the form of blogs, articles, infographics or motion graphics. Content marketing helps you introduce consumers to your brand. It helps bring new leads to your sales process with very low pressure and in the process, it provides helpful content that will be useful to visitors.

Digital Content marketing comes with different departments involved with various creative techniques that are used to develop a content outreach strategy. This is far beyond link building which focuses entirely on text links.

Various content marketing firms have their own strategies. Many focus on just content creation. That is where Openhub is different. Our plans have everything that comes with content – that is design, outreach, SEO creation, link earning and social media.

Web Content Marketing is Powerful

In contrast to traditional marketing plans which focuses more on improving rankings on search engines and traffic, content marketing has an impact on your overall online web presence. It lets customers know about your brand or company without being pressurized. Repeat visitors are easily convinced that you are trustworthy. Content marketing can help to spread your brand or name globally making sure that more people know about your products or services.

We don’t stop after publishing your content. For the hidden power of content marketing to be unlocked fully, links have to be built. Our expert website outreach specialist will secure for you high quality content signals and content produced for your website that will improve your site’s overall ranking and power.

The content links are worth the cost of content marketing. Major search engines will see them as powerful signals for your site’s authority and ranking. In addition to this, the back-links will help establish an online brand from the original content that is created. The content can be in the form of branded blog posts, custom infographics, motion graphics, eBooks.

Do you need an engaging digital content marketing service? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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