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July 5, 2021
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Handy Services – Democratizing Access to Services

Handy Services
Handy Services is a web platform that makes it easy to find service providers near you and far away. Find service providers in categories of Construction, Health Care, Hospitality, Real Estate, Fashion, Entertainment and many more. Handy Services helps facilitate and ease business interactivity between service providers and their clients.

For Service providers

Are you a skilled professional? You could be an Artist, a Beautician an Entertainer a Chauffeur or you offer General Labour services, etc. Handy Services accommodates you.
Do you run a business like a Car wash, Delivery service, Restaurant, or you work with Textile and Clothing, etc.? 
Are you seeking to grow your business online? Then our service is also for you!
We help service providers to gain online visibility in this digital era. On Handy Services platform, your potential clients are now not only limited to your circle of friends, but unlimited to thousands of daily visitors to Handy Services. 
It’s now a good time to bring your services to the online masses and increase your business revenue while doing so.

For Services Requesters

We know how difficult it is to find service providers until Handy Services, you don’t have to stress any more. Now you can find the very best service providers nationwide in just minutes and in few clicks. You can now pay directly and safely to request service using your mobile money account or credit cards.

Handy Services Promise

We curate a directory of trusted and vetted service providers. Its web platform is firmly built on trust. For service providers on our platform, we assure you will get paid for services rendered to your clients. 
For clients on our platform, we assure you will get your service request completed, or you get your money back.

Our Mission

We are democratizing access to services. Find Everything as a Service at 
Registration on our platform is FREE. 
Create your profile on today using the link You can also email using
Handy Services is a private limited liability company registered in Cameroon. OpenHub Digital is proud to have offered its incorporation, business licence registration and tax services to them. Hence, Handy Services is a Verified Business on OpenHub Digital Platform.
Do you have a non-registered business and want it to be registered? Get in touch with us now!

You can get in touch now!

Email: | Tel: +237 699 421 947 | WhatsApp | Telegram

This content has been prepared for information purposes only. It is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, tax, accounting or legal advice. You need to consult your own tax, accounting or legal advisors before engaging in any transaction.


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