Cocoa and Coffee Prices Update for 4 July 2024

Cocoa Prices:

  • CAF London: 5,818 FCFA/Kg
  • FOB Douala: 5,701 FCFA/Kg
  • Purchase Prices in Douala:
    • Minimum: 4,800 FCFA/Kg
    • Maximum: 5,000 FCFA/Kg

Coffee Prices:


  • CAF London: 2,637 FCFA/Kg
  • FOB Douala: 2,516 FCFA/Kg
  • Purchase Prices in Mungo:
    • Minimum: 1,600 FCFA/Kg
    • Maximum: 1,800 FCFA/Kg


  • CAF London: 3,024 FCFA/Kg
  • FOB Douala: 2,894 FCFA/Kg

CAF London prices refer to the London Commodity Exchange, while FOB Douala prices are set at the Douala port.


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