Cacao & Coffee Festival: Cameroon Merges Festicacao and Festicoffee

Cameroon has merged its renowned Festicacao and Festicoffee festivals into one grand event, the Cacao & Coffee Festival. This inaugural edition is scheduled to take place from May 29 to 31, 2024, at the City Hall in Yaoundé, the capital city.


A Unified Celebration

The Cacao & Coffee Festival, organized by the Interprofessional Cocoa and Coffee Council (CICC) in partnership with the Ministry of Commerce, aims to celebrate and promote Cameroon’s rich cocoa and coffee heritage. The theme for this year’s event is “Valorisons le cacao et le café de nos terroirs” (“Let’s Value the Cocoa and Coffee from Our Regions”).

Event Highlights

The festival will feature various activities, including training sessions, expert panel discussions, and exhibitions. These will provide attendees with insights into the cocoa and coffee industries. On May 30, there will be a special tasting session in Douala, showcasing a variety of cocoa and coffee products.

Promoting Local Consumption

Billed as the first major public event in Central Africa dedicated to cocoa and coffee, the festival seeks to highlight the opportunities within these sectors. It also aims to encourage local consumption of Cameroonian cocoa and coffee, fostering a deeper appreciation for these products.


Mark Your Calendars

The Cacao & Coffee Festival is a must-attend event. From May 29 to 31, 2024, join us at Yaoundé’s City Hall to celebrate our cocoa and coffee. Experience sensational moments, taste delicious products, engage in expert exchanges, and participate in informative training sessions.

Event Details

The festival is organized by the CICC and the Ministry of Commerce. It promises to be an exciting event filled with learning and networking opportunities.

Current Cocoa and Coffee Prices as of May 21, 2024


  • CAF London: 4657 FCFA/Kg
  • FOB Douala: 4557 FCFA/Kg
  • Purchase price in Douala: Min: 3800 FCFA/Kg, Max: 4100 FCFA/Kg

Robusta Coffee:

  • CAF London: 2296 FCFA/Kg
  • FOB Douala: 2183 FCFA/Kg
  • Purchase price in Mungo: Min: 1300 FCFA/Kg, Max: 1500 FCFA/Kg

Arabica Coffee:

  • CAF: 2880 FCFA/Kg
  • FOB: 2753 FCFA/Kg


Meanwhile, the Minister of SMEs, Social Economy, and Handicrafts will hold a press conference on the first edition of the African Forum on Social and Solidarity Economy (FORA’ESS) on Friday, May 24, 2024, at 11 AM in the conference room of the Emergence Building.

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Mark your calendars for the Cacao & Coffee Festival from May 29 to 31, 2024, in Yaoundé. Celebrate our cocoa and coffee heritage!

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