Some of our readers (mostly entrepreneurs) have been asking us why we don’t run sponsored posts. Their questions have been answered. We are now offering the opportunity for entrepreneurs to send in sponsored posts. Our ad space is actually limited so we will make sure we screen content carefully.

Why Sponsored Posts?

What entrepreneurs in Africa fail to understand is that marketing is just so cheap that every entrepreneur can go in to. Africa is the land of plenty, yet we still live as needy people. Most of our products and services are imported. This is not because we don’t want to consume our own. It is because we don’t even know if our own exists. This is because we lack exposure. We don’t let the world know about our various products and services that we offer. These end up in the in our local community with very few knowing about it.

AfriStartup- Openhub with the help of some of it’s followers now came out with a solution to this – Blog Post Sponsorship.

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Blog Post Sponsorship

The blog post sponsorship will expose the works of aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, influential entrepreneurs as well as their audiences across different media outlets. AfriStartup – OpenHub is always looking for products and services of entrepreneurs to introduce to our members. This will therefore expose these entrepreneurs and what the do to the entire world.

For Africa to experience greater economic growth, we need to expose what we have to the entire world. There is no place we can do this better than the Internet. Sponsorship is a great way for your product or service to get noticed without you spending a fortune.

Form of Sponsorship Opportunity

The sponsorship opportunities will take the form of a blog post, an advert placement or logo on our websites. We will run it on many sites as well as partner blogs that we work with depending on the client’s needs.

The ads in particular will run for a 30-day period meanwhile the blog post will be there for a while. Note that the content will remain on our site but will not be featured on our sponsored post section on the home page. If you will need the services of a graphic designer to design your ad, get in touch with us and we will recommend you the best.

Requirements for Sponsored Posts

Advertisers are normally supposed to provide to us the post(s). Note should be taken that sponsored posts should not carry any form of advertisement. They should carry valuable content that our readers will gain something from. A good article quality will mean many people will read after it has been submitted. The posts will be promoted via social media. Below are some of the requirements of a sponsored post:

  • The content you submit must be original. It must not have been published elsewhere

  • The number of words per sponsored post should not be less than 300 or more than 350 words

  • The content of the sponsored post must have valuable content, educative, can teach or train our readers

You might want the services of a Writing Service – don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you want us to write your sponsored post for you. We will be very happy to help you. However, this option comes with a writing service fee which adds to the sponsored post charges.

Side Bar Ad dimension: 250X250. The ad will be placed on all pages of the website and will be linked to your site.

Do You Want to Advertise Your Business on OpenHub?

If you want to gain exposure for your business, then AfriStartup – OpenHub is the right partner for you. We have a limited number of advertising opportunities to offer to businesses that we deem fit for AfriStartup – OpenHub as well as it’s followers. We focus on the following domains:

  • Small businesses

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Home business

  • Marketing

  • Social media

  • SEO

  • Blogging

  • Web designer

  • App development

Our Advertising opportunities include:

  • Sponsored blog posts

  • Display advertising (infographics & Motion graphics)e

  • Sponsored product reviews

Have you got questions to ask? Look on the right of this page and leave us a message. We look forward to a great partnership.

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