DS LobgaDerick Sullivan Lobga is a social and serial entrepreneur, entrepreneur coach, tech & agri-business writer and founder of OpenHub Coworking Space which offers cheap office space and free coaching for young entrepreneurs in Cameroon.

He has been involved in many social entrepreneurial ventures with the latest, Garbage Inspector, where he and his team carries out small recycling projects from home garbage and offer training to youths on how to turn home garbage into money.

Derick is an ardent entrepreneur who keeps pushing and relentlessly starting other businesses after others fail with the endless quest to bring his vision to life. He has ventured into various businesses from selling perfumes, owning a cybercafé, founding an orchestra, co-founder and manager of a timber exploitation company, co-founder of a digital marketing firm and founder of OpenHub Coworking space.

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He is multi-talented and has carried out self-studies in many fields. An ardent lover of Linux and Open Source Software, Derick writes for a major Linux site as a tech journalist. He is also Africa reporter for a popular online coffee magazine. His love for writing led him to create his own blogs where he offers tips for entrepreneurs and also blogs about home garbage management.

I always embrace failure. It gets me moving and takes me closer to my goals’, Derick Sullivan Lobga.

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Email: info@openhub.site | Tel: +237 699 421 947 | WhatsApp | Telegram


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