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Shara Coworking, a new coworking space in Douala

Shara Coworking

Shara Coworking is a co-working / shared office space located in Bonaberi – Douala, Cameroon. We offer a new spot to build projects and generate connections to startups and lonely entrepreneurs seeking socializing opportunities.

Shara’s community accepts people from diverse backgrounds and different sectors. This creates a hub for intellectual resources, creative ideas, collaboration, openness, community and sustainability.

Shara Coworking has a facility with the capacity to support more than 40 entrepreneurs. The space can boast of independent office desks, a conference / meeting room for 20, high speed Internet, 24 hour security, a big parking lot, comfortable reception, great coffee, tea and so on.

About Shara Coworking

Shara Coworking is an innovative technology platform that promotes start-ups and entrepreneurship by creating a collaborative workspace for independent entrepreneurs, freelancers and professionals who are looking for a serene environment to work.

It also provides facilities and assistance in the organization of events, seminars and workshops that enable would-be entrepreneurs, start-ups, freelances and communities to achieve their dreams and succeed in their business.

Shara provides entrepreneurs, SMEs, organizations or individuals passing through or residing in Douala with comfortable offices and workspaces to enable them to live an extraordinary work and collaboration experience.

Are you an entrepreneur, self-employed, freelancer, and you need a comfortable and affordable workspace for a short period? Shara Coworking gives you the opportunity to work in a unique setting while optimizing your budget. Below is a glimpse of what Shara offers:

Shared offices & Open Spaces

We offer freelancers, startups, entrepreneurs, visitors and small teams, air-conditioned workspaces equipped with high speed internet and free coffee to give them a comfortable space to make their dreams come through.

Private & VIP offices

We provide individuals or teams with luxurious private offices and spaces to allow them to work privately or in teams with complete peace of mind.

A conference room and training rooms for your events, workshops, and seminars. Our conference room functions as an events space, teamwork and open space, seminar room and conference room for start-ups and entrepreneurs.

The training room is suitable for hosting teams of up to 50 persons for training and workshops.

Our conference and meeting rooms are suitable for the organization of all your events and the holding of your seminars and workshops.

We have projectors and a 75” latest generation smart TV for your presentations.

Business consulting and management support services

We combine theories and innovative solutions to support Freelancers, startups and young entrepreneurs. We help them develop dynamic and agile strategies to achieve their goals through free & paid trainings, seminars and workshops.

Our facilities

– Free Internet connection and high-speed Wi-Fi through optical fiber

– Air-conditioned offices

– A conference and training room (50 seats) at disposal

– Secretarial services when required

– Free coffee and water

– Fully equipped kitchen

– Free parking

– High-end printers and photocopiers

– White boards

– A UHD 4K 75” Smart TV screen with the latest technology,

– Fully equipped, air-conditioned, and clean luxury offices

Our Location

Shara Coworking is located in Bonaberi – Douala, 2nd Floor at the Ntarinkon Cooperative Credit Union Building (housing BGFI Bank and NTACCUL) – NT203

What are our open days?

Monday to Sunday: From 7am – 9pm

Shara Coworking Values

At Shara Coworking, the welfare of the entrepreneur comes before making money. It is a concept launched essentially by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.
Our coworking space is based on some very important values: Open-mindedness, Collaboration, Sharing, Participation and Sustainability.

Our Mission

Our mission is dedicated to startups and lonely entrepreneurs seeking networking and coaching opportunities.

Our Vision

To build a community that helps and empowers its members, partners and all stakeholders.

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