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About The Milat Foundation

Milat Foundation is a non-for-profit making charitable organization based in Cameroon.
  • It is devoted to supporting deprived children and their families in Cameroon and other countries.
  • Our activities are carried out using bold, strategic, sustainable and innovative local empowerment projects & advocacy.
  • Project funding comes from private family funds that is decided upon at the beginning of each year. Milat Foundation does not rely on external support

The Foundation is the realization of Bertin Milat’s long-term commitment to philanthropy. It has been founded after years of direct and indirect involvement in charity and nation building, but reignited by an unsuccessful fight to give his first son the highly anticipated comfortable life, love and care planned even before his birth in Copenhagen – Denmark.

Thus, the reason why the foundation invests a lot of time and resources working to give back childhood to those children who in one way or another, due to no fault of their own have had the beautiful experience of childhood and the opportunities that naturally comes with it stolen from them.