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May 17, 2021
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May 24, 2021

5 Reasons Shara Coworking Space is beneficial to entrepreneurs

Shara Coworking Space

Coworking Space

Shara Coworking Space is not just only about the coffee, free Internet or young people often sitting head-bent on their computers. These things come to play in the minds of those who plan to join a co-working space.

There is more than your mind’s picture of Shara Coworking. Below are a list of 5 reasons Shara Coworking will be beneficial to you – entrepreneur, would-be entrepreneur, freelancer or professionals looking for a collaborative office space.

1. Cost-effective way of having an affordable office

If you want to have the convenience of a good office but can’t afford the cost of paying for it, Shara Coworking will be the best solution you can find.

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Shara Coworking is a shared environment, hence, the cost will be far lower than having a private office. The only thing you need becoming a member of Shara is a laptop or office accessories.

You will have access to everything you will need in an office: free Internet, copiers, scanners, printers, secretarial and accounting services and the possibility of having freelancers to perform certain specialized tasks for your business.

You don’t need to sign any long tenancy agreement as you can pay-as-you-go (non-contractual daily payments).

2. Shara Coworking Space has the right stuff you’ll need

The management of Shara knows very well the needs of startups and young entrepreneurs who can’t afford the basic need of a business, an office space. They offer various services that can help grow your business with no stress.

You have the possibility of meeting your neighbors who are into a business that you can benefit from their advice.

We’ll be organizing pitching events with possible investors. You can also benefit from accounting, tax, marketing and business advisory services that will help your business grow. These services are usually cheaper compared to getting them from specialized companies outside.

We also offer training sessions for free to full-time members on basic business tools like using spreadsheets (Excel & LibreOffice Calc) for running your business’ account, business English lessons, digital marketing and more.

3. A hub for networking

Making connections while building your business can be a difficult process. Where can startups get the most connections and create solid networks other than working in a communal environment?

Shara is where you can make connections, foster collaboration and share knowledge. You might not know who you will meet or collaborate with at Shara.

Shara Coworking is dominated by young people with diverse skills and capabilities. Most of them, though are self-starters, have the necessary skills to offer top-notch services and compete with the big companies.

At Shara, we work hand-in-hand with angel investors and other professionals like lawyers, accountants, bankers, auditors and tax advisers. You never know who you will be discussing with on a coffee table.

It can be your first customer, an investor or any other person you will be needing in your business – human interaction is what we long for at Shara.

4. Surround yourself with open-minded people

You find that if you are at home too much, you lose your edge in dealing with people”. Charles Planck, CEO of Articulated Impact. Likewise, working alone is often tiring and will eventually bring about loneliness and non-productivity.

An independent entrepreneur’s life can be psychologically difficult – something you don’t have to underestimate. Many a time as an entrepreneur, you doubt yourself, your mission and your business. At times, you will have to work late while your family and friends are catching up some fun.

A solution to this is surrounding yourself with smart and hardworking people. Someone besides you may have had a solution to a challenge you are facing.

You may be an introvert, but sometimes in life, we have to share our challenges, discuss our victories and defeats and get helpful advice from others.

What other place do you think you can cultivate a positive entrepreneurial spirit than where like-minded people are gathered? At Shara Coworking, we believe experience is valuable only if it is shared. We are in a shared era at Shara!

5. A space for creativity

As said above, experience is valuable if only it is shared. Creativity increases with interactions. Just a smile from someone close to you can give you the amount of energy needed to figure out solutions to a problem.

When you are in a collaborative work space like Shara, you can reach out to others for advice. Most of the time, someone might have had a similar issue and will offer a practical suggestion and creative solution to your problem. At Shara, everyone helps one another!

Working at Shara Coworking Space have a lot of benefits. Make sure you choose Shara, to avoid drawbacks in your business. At Shara, we put the welfare of the entrepreneur first before making money.

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